This has 22 levels, A TC that changes Duke Nukem 3D into an exaggerated army-style shooter and the massive unrealistic use of gore elements to turn the TC into "splatter game". Main focus is multi-player with various multiplayer additions (CTF, Hill Defend, Assault) but theres also a 22 level playable single-player campaign.

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I just can't play this mod, as much as I want to like it. Nonstop mortars, inconsistent enemy damage, irreversible player dismemberment, unexplained insta-kills- pretty much renders this thing unplayable, even from the starting two levels. Sure, it's fun blowing grunts away with assault rifles, light machine guns, and such, but when I have to worry about randomly getting dismembered or instantly killed by a mortar or getting my arms inexplicably blown off by some guy taking potshots from his spawn ten feet behing me, I don't get to experience that fun very often.


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