Alien Armageddon is a mod for Duke Nukem 3D which adds many new high quality enemies, sexy NPCs, and a second playable character, all featured in an epic new adventure. Some of the community's best talent have come together to make this amazing free expansion.

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Mar 9 2019 Anchor

Hi there!

I played through the expansion campaigns again and was very happy to see that pretty all the things mentionned in the other feedback list were taken into account, even the minor ones like the secret message in DCSL! :)
I'm writing this list to report some more bugs that were already present in the previous version but that I overlooked or forgot about. From this version's additions, there was only one bug introduced.

+ Pissing pigcops triple in size when surprised from behind if using upscaled sprites. This only happens from this angle.
+ At the start of each level with an enemy in sight, AI partner deals damage to player when trying to shoot it because each other's spawn points are too close.
+ Kicking a mounted gun with a gunner on it makes it jump because of knockback.
+ AI partner has the nasty habit of activating elevator sectors.
+ Using a red button switch by hand makes weapon sprite shine as if a shot was fired.

+ Nuke coins can go out of bounds at spawn (behind fence at helipad).
+ Egg that cannot be destroyed next to the blue key.

+ Near the exit, there is sometimes a woman stuck in an animation loop where she shows her panties from behind. I could replicate this just by playing the level normally a couple times but could not find the reason behind it.

+ The rain ambiant sound followed me from DC2 and I was stuck with it. It stopped eventually.

And just two questions.
Is the 8th passenger painting supposed to be upside down?
I found a sprite of the girl from The Ring, any hint where I can find her?

Thanks for the censored tiles by the way!

Mar 18 2019 Anchor

Oops, I didn't see this post until now. I need to remember to check here. Thanks for the reports. The pissing pigcop size bug is fixed, at least, as of 2.15
I'll see about the other bugs.

Aug 18 2019 Anchor

Hi! Awesome mod for DN3D! I have a question. It is possible to implement the walking sounds to DN3D? I play my modified version and would like to add movement sounds and shot effects on the walls (sounds) I need help!

Aug 20 2019 Anchor

There are various versions of those features in various mods going back to around 2006. Check DukePlus, AMC TC, etc.

I don't have time to help with coding, unfortunately.

Aug 20 2019 Anchor

Is it possible to transfer files so that the functions I choose work? I am interested in functions such as: Player footsteps, sounds of hitting the wall. Cannot use include function? to implement selected features for duke? I use Eduke32, i've been working on my version for several months. I really like this game. and I would like to improve it slightly but it's hard with these functions :/

Aug 20 2019 Anchor

The scripting system isn't very modular and the code isn't written that way, sorry to say. If you have ideas for improvements, or better sounds to use, you are better off sharing it with me than you are going off on your own. Also keep in mind that AA is still a WIP, so any version you make on your own could become obsolete on the next release.

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