17 maps episode for Duke Nukem 3D. 15 mappers, 1 building, 17 floors. A duke4 community episode. Eduke32 sourceport required. RELEASED ! Check the download section!

Grimpast says

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This gem is a great surprise, Has been put together almost perfectly, Combined craft, interesting levels: some were horroristic, some were action-packed. Athmosphere was dense, I could have cut it.
Thank you for making a DN3D mod, which in visuals, and gameplay remains true to it's origins. It must have been a big work to organize so much talented authors.
Very good idea to merge Die Hard with Duke Nukem. You just scored a perfect hit.

Amongst my favourite levels was the empty storage level (which is short, but everything is exploding around you as in the Die Hard movie), and the supernatural horror-level. Still I don't know how did I escape from there. :)

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