Dragonia II is a fantasy mod for Civilization IV. It is a sequel to the Dragonia mod for Civilization III. Dragonia II features the same fantasy world as the original, and allows players to play on an updated version of the map in the original Dragonia, or to choose a randomly generated world. Currently the Dragonia world map is not yet completed. Only a randomly generated world is available.

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An article with interview has been written about the Dragonia II mod at eGames.de.

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An article with interview has been written about the Dragonia II mod at eGames.de. You can find the article at Egames.de
For those of you who don't speak German, here is the interview in English:

eGames: Why did you choose Civilization for your mod?
Kochanowski: I have been a Civilization fan since the first Civilization back in 1991. A couple of years ago I had chosen to create a mod for Civilization III. I had found that the scenario editor that came with the game provided me with an easy way to create my mod. After some thought, I had decided to create a fantasy mod based on an old Dungeons & Dragons campaign I ran in my youth. Thus, the first Dragonia mod was created.

About a year ago, I finally got myself a copy of Civilization IV. I enjoyed the new features of this latest version of the game and greatly have enjoyed playing the Fall From Heaven II mod. I also found that the new XML file format, plus the addition of a Python scripting engine and the availability of an SDK made it a mod development platform that allowed many more possibilities than I had with Civilization III. I soon came to the conclusion that I would create a sequel to my Dragonia mod for Civilization IV.

eGames: Did you have a moment in the production process, in which you thought, “Ok, we can’t finish the mod, it’s too difficult”?
Kochanowski: I see the road to completing Dragonia II long, but with this team I have complete confidence that the mod can be completed. I have been creating game mods now for 4 years. My first mod, The Hordes of Chaos for Diablo II, was an incredibly ambitious project. I had spent two years on that mod until I came to the point where I found it was too difficult to continue that mod and fulfil my vision due to the limitations of the Diablo II game engine.

I have now taken that experience to the Dragonia II mod. This mod is very ambitious as well. But I have found that the game engine is fairly flexible, and additionally, the modding community at CivFanatics.com is extremely helpful in providing resources and tips for accomplishing my goals with the mod. Another factor that I believe will lead to the success of the Dragonia II mod is that the Diabolic Studios team has grown with some exceptional talent: Thomas "woodelf" Snyder and Shawn "winddelay" Brust head up the 3-D modeling team, Dave "hexagonian" Sobotka produces the 2-D art and movies, Dan Winsky is authoring the storyline and civilopedia entries, and Jeff "strategyonly" Wilhelmi is working on the general mod implementation. We are currently anticipating that the Dragonia II mod will be completed by the end of 2008. In the meantime, we planning on a beta release sometime between the end of December 2007 and the beginning of 2008.

eGames: What has inspired you for the mod?
Kochanowski: My primary inspirations for the Dragonia II mod come mainly from the Dungeons & Dragons role playing game as well as Warhammer. My next largest inspiration for the Dragonia II mod comes from the Fall From Heaven II mod as well as various ideas that CivFanatics.com community members have discussed. Many other inspirations come from many of the various movies I have seen, books I have read, and computer games that I have played throughout my life.

eGames: Is it a dream of you to become gamedesigner?
Kochanowski: It has been a dream of mine to become a game designer since I was in high school. Life has thrown a few curve balls to me, though, and I am currently working as a software engineer. But, I still have the dream that if the correct opportunity presented itself, I could still become a game designer.

eGames: What does “producing a mod” mean to you?
Kochanowski: To me, producing a mod presents an outlet for me to release my creative energy. I love to play computer games, but I have a strong creative spirit within me as well. Producing mods has let me share my creativity with others. In sharing that creativity, I have met many wonderful people from around the world.


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