Hungry eyes fix on the Planet of Arcaricas. The cycle of life and birth for Celestial Dragons is an endless one, as is all Creation. Upon the Dragon's eggs are numerous life forms, and they are unique to each one. Many are there to protect and nurture, some are parasites, like humans, and some simply do not belong in reality. This time is a time of crisis unheard of, as the Abyss breaches reality, the Ghaurchlai are returned from their prison of Ice and the nations gird themselves for war, unaware of what will be unleashed upon all of them. This is the age of Genocide, an age where all will weave a different tune and the Dragon itself is destined to live or die, devoured by the powers with hungry eyes.

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The Ildiri are the oldest races of this realm, outside of the Sun-given Elohim and the Celesti (who have mostly gone to evil). One of the most sophisticated of cultures, the 'high' elves keep mostly to themselves. The Ilidiri King maintains a large army, but the Ilidiri are not an expansionist people. The King would wish no evil threatened, no war happened, but he is no fool; he sees what is about to be unleashed, and is moved to action. This is much against his nature. He is, however a very skilled commander, supported many gifted commanders and warriors. The Kingdom split when the Khezdruli abandoned their lands, under treaty. His son was given charge of this new land, and for the first time in aeons, they expanded. The Swan Kingdom was forged, and the more adventurous left for it's shores.

His son, however, is of a different mould. Where the King's forces wield ancient magics and are not often seen afield - hidden in a mist of their own making- the Prince's army glitters and gleams in the sunlight -a thing of beauty. He attracts all manner of avatars to his banner, and the outside world is attracted to him and his land, entranced by preternatural beauty and hope. He involves the Ilidiri elves far more in the outside world than ancient tradition would suggest is wise. The Heron King, however, holds his military close to home. He feels Cthonae entering this world for the first time since they were trapped in the Dwarven Holts so long ago. Whilst the Prince dreams of honour and battle, and sees the glory, swathed in naivety, the Heron King remembers battle and it's horrors, and he remembers the death of Ithil, frail feather of the Ildiri.

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