Hungry eyes fix on the Planet of Arcaricas. The cycle of life and birth for Celestial Dragons is an endless one, as is all Creation. Upon the Dragon's eggs are numerous life forms, and they are unique to each one. Many are there to protect and nurture, some are parasites, like humans, and some simply do not belong in reality. This time is a time of crisis unheard of, as the Abyss breaches reality, the Ghaurchlai are returned from their prison of Ice and the nations gird themselves for war, unaware of what will be unleashed upon all of them. This is the age of Genocide, an age where all will weave a different tune and the Dragon itself is destined to live or die, devoured by the powers with hungry eyes.

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Cho Tetsu
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Cho Tetsu gathers the greatest martial skill out of all human nations. Living in three isolated Islands far in the west, the Cho Tetsu have the last of the Lindiri-Awakened plants, and worship them as gods, where the Lindiri sought to destroy their own creations. These flowers are the product of ancient magical tampering, and are incredibly powerful, having the ability to directly effect the world in a myriad of ways. Through the flowers, the Cho Tetsu learn and understand more about the world, yet are also constrained by values these Flowers inflict upon their society.

Now, times are changing. The Armies of Cho Tetsu have left their island homes in far greater numbers than ever before. The Emperor has called all of his lords to his banner and united his people, directing their everlasting game of war to the Principality of Steel, across the sea. Long ago the Cho Tetsu taught the Principality the game of war, but it was the Cho Tetsu who invented it, and it is the White Divine, the Supreme Emperor of Cho Tetsu, who means to win. There is a new empire expanding in this realm, and it has the potential to be every it as great as Kadasandra itself.

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