Hey everyone,Mountblade Warband will become a open-world dragonball z game.
Do you want to act as a super hero to fight in the air or sea even in universe.Do you want to transform into a super saiyan to fight various bosses in the dragonball z world.Do you want to collect seven dragonballs to wish your hopes?

Does this sound burning and surprising?!

Please support me mentally to conduct a dragonball z mod for Mount&blade warband.This mod will differ from evey former mod in the mod history .i will present a new game rather than to say a new form mod for you.There will be no faction.This will be a crazy fight among super dragonball heros.Let’s be burning and fight to experient dbz air fight and story.

Details of the mod and its translation into English will be later to show becase i am chinese so that cannot explain details in english well.

in addition, the another goal to make dbz mod is that i am a fan of halflife's very old dbz mod -esf(full named as earth special forces, started 1998). esf has a new version( seem like Bannerlord version to Mountblade Warband )and has conducted near 14 years and still doesn't release.Does its development history sound like Mountblade?

so i want to use Mountblade Warband to make and reborn esf a new version. To make a new version esf with a open-world map and story.

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demo v0.1

mountblade dragonball z mod demo alpha v0.1

patchv0.11(copy its all content to put in demo v0.1)

mountblade dbz mod v0.11patch

mountblade dragonball z mod demo alpha v0.1 mean a just very primary demo. may have bugs and few content.Please read the article or the file description before downloading.

Demo Description:


map is primary and roughly done but will be polished up in future so don't care now ,sorry for that.

just enter the three town(and just only three in current version) to test fight.

you'd better enter scene in early morning because i haven't redo the day-night switch system and the mountblade origin day-night system is not fit with my scene.

2. some suggestions to prevent game crash from C++ error etc

(1)if your cpu is lower than 8 gb, you'd better open the file "module.in" to delete the three words below:

"load mod resource= buugohanmb

load mod resource= vegettomb

load mod resource= vegettosjmb"

this words decide whether the role has black stroke color with its main body model.

(2), you‘d better not open "skill orbit show" in settings' menu(press t to call)

(3),you 'd better not to switch role by settings' menu when you are under attack now ,it may cause crash.

3.key control setting :

wasd r left-ctrl is fly or walk(switch by distance between land)

wasd r left-ctrl+v is teleport

g is lock or unlock to swoop towards enemy(enemy must be in sight)

t is some setting

z is transform

x is collect energy(when you enery is 0, you cannot use skill and swoop fly)

e is release arua

f is energy skill(current everyone only have 4 skill)

mouse roll up or down is swith to use different skills

u+f is kaioken

double wasd r left-ctrl is swoop fly and click this once in a short time is normal slow fly

y is defend

m is refresh the scene

space is force ai to use energy skill while ai can use skill itself sometimes.

if your energy ball is near enemy's energy ball, you can press u to push your ball

you must press right mouse button to fly near enemy and will trigger fight.

right mouse button+left mouse button= throw

4. role info

the current version only has three role.

one player must use vegetto

one enemy must use buugohan

you can press key"t" to open the primary setting menu to swith player's another role.

but will refresh the scene(future i will reset last state data ).

5.settings' menu

press key"T" to call, current setting is to switch hero/look all animation about current player/look different tranformation state about current player/swith mountblade style or dbz style UI/show on or off skill erergy orbit/show on or off the crosshair/switch music/console

you'd better not use orbit and console setting.

why the another player hero that can switch is Stevie:because i use this model to start game quickly for me to quickly test my function.

6.Story mode

Story mode hasn't be included in this version but will done in next version in future.

7. need your advise

if you have some suggestions, thx and XD for your comment.no matter about current demo or some future function you think is necessary .

8.FInally tell why i use mountblade mod system make this dbz mod again:

because i am both fan of mountblade and esf(a halflife very old dbz mod),

and esf has a unfinshed but a new version under development about 20 years til now ,its development history is very similar to mountblade warband and bannerlord.

bannerlord will release soon but the official esf :final is still unrelased even a demo and persevere in development from 2007 til now(its alpha version even in 1999 and before count-strike,What a great).

so i use mountblade to do a esf dbz version and continue to wait for the offical version by goldsource engine at the same time.

Finally, wish you pleasure.

Mountblade Warband DBZ mod - development blog til now

Mountblade Warband DBZ mod - development blog til now


Dragonball z mod for mountblade warband - development blog til now.

where real MB engine limit is

where real MB engine limit is


Reply to the comment below by "Saigun" (due to my "reply" button cannot work) and explain about where real MB engine limit is

Thank for everyone supports me and The toal reply to current comment

Thank for everyone supports me and The toal reply to current comment


Thank for everyone supports me and The toal reply to current comment(because i cannot make my reply botton work)

Ask your suggestion about this dbz mod

Ask your suggestion about this dbz mod

News 3 comments

Let me know your point and make me know release this DBZ mod is meaningful.

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mountblade dbz mod v0.11patch

mountblade dbz mod v0.11patch

Patch 1 comment

mountblade dbz mod v0.11patch add bardock and chapter scene.but chapter still unfinshed because so busy. you now can attack native people in chapter one(frieza's...

mountblade dragonball z mod demo alpha v0.1

mountblade dragonball z mod demo alpha v0.1

Demo 7 comments

mountblade dragonball z mod demo alpha v0.1 mean a just very primary demo. may have bugs and few content

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That truly is an amazing deed and I'm sure the mod community appreciate your efforts, keep it up bro, you are doing God's work.
Cheers from Brazil.

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killyouready Creator

this night i may release demo V0.2.

Reply Good karma+2 votes

please feed us

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

what a wonderful work

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes

Oh my god, Esto es increíble and very creative !

U are genius !

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes

I have tools and I am a man, but I seriously don't understand how you can have a 3rd being with different animations (man, horse, dbz character). How did you surpass these limits, or what technique do you use to animate your characters. That's what I am currently struggling with.

Not that it still would matter cause you can do even the slightest of animation different in Bannerlord like the type of walking per "race" or how specific weapons are held etc.

I still would be very interested how you managed this with warband

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
killyouready Creator

ok.within next week i would release a primary demo.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Thanks :D
As I see you used attached props and vertex animations to animate custom models. The Cel-Shading is actually only a bigger black coloured model. I see I see. Well I tried something similar at some point, but I failed to actually manage to scale the proportions on every axis to still fit the model. Well maybe if this had been known earlier I would have done something similar awesome like probably arachnids from starship troopers. But Bannerlord is too close :D

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
killyouready Creator

bannerlord current version also have the same problem as
warband. In fact,i perhaps needn't use sceneprop originally but a problem cause me to base on that,because the warband cannot let agent's body rotate around X and Y but only around Z directly.
the next reason is to show more detail animation by sceneprop

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