Welcome to the dragonball z world. Do you want to act as a super hero to fight in the air or sea even in universe.Do you want to transform into a super saiyan to fight various bosses in the dragonball z world.Please support me mentally to conduct a dragonball z mod for Mount&blade warband.This mod will differ from evey former mod in the mod history .i will present a new game rather than to say a new form mod for you.There will be no faction.This will be a crazy fight among super dragonball heros.Let’s burn and fight to experient z fight and story.

sorry ,later to show details further and translate into English becase i am chinese.

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Features of M&B dragonball mod(The Summary Of The Current Mod Function,poorly translated in English,sorry):

From the current demo video you can see:

1. new behavior system: the dragonball characters in the mod can run in the sky, in addition to the world in which the system is built and cut down. It can also fly in and around the sky, free from the angle of view, and not be locked, and can accelerate and blink (with the illusion effect), different displacement directions and ways have different meticulous movements.

2. Qigong system: it can release Qigong, part of the storage tank will appear, fill the progress bar to release, part no, such as the transient, and the Spirit Bomb is based on the current scene of the total amount of biological energy (different scene of the original total biological energy is different, and will be consumed with combat damage) and partners. The quantity and willingness to provide decision collection level can not be measured by progress bar.

3. transformation system: can be transformed into super Saiyan or other (see object), from the current perspective can only change the first order, the future can be changed many times. (Note: kaiouken is not a transfiguration, it is a storage skill that needs to be filled with storage tanks. You can see from the demo video. )

4. new action system: each person's action is independent and rich, each person has his own individual action, and the limited custom action system will be introduced in the future.

5. the dynamic sky system: clouds can float, and there are creatures such as wild geese flying freely in the sky. In the future, it will continue to enrich the fine weather system than M&B 2.

6. character expression system: mocking action, hair and clothing fluttering, more detailed body language has been reflected in the video, comparable to M&B 2's action expression system.

7. destruction mechanism: we can use Qigong to destroy the stars or some scenes, and shake the particle effect comparable to the M&B 2's destruction function.

8. powerful spatial reactionary effects: it has been preliminarily completed, and many people impact interbed at any angle in space. This dynamic effect is ten times more complex than the reverse dynamic effect in M&B 2.

(Note: in order for you to see that it is still a M&B mod, so it is specially reserved for a part of the origin UI. In fact, the blood bar on the screen can even remove the blood strip with other replacement, and the small map can not be that way and position. Ha, try some people, they can recognize it is a M&B mod, but it is all because of this UI.)

9. summoning Dragon: collecting seven funny can call the funny dragon.

10. you can even watch movies in the game, play games in the game: for example, in the game of the computer to see the king of the situation, really fragrant!

11. game mode: as for the mode, there will be a large map system that will be reserved, but there will be no more camps and separate seals. This will be a single computer + online combat TPS game with a certain freedom of the plot structure, a large map which can trigger the plot / branch and free unlocked non PS2 operation.

Of course, it is only a M&B mod. Of course, no accident. It is just a mod of Mount&Blade; Warband.

Technology and art know no boundaries

Technology and art know no boundaries

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Technology and art know no boundaries. What some of you talk about is unconcerned about technology and art and just about your prejudice about different...

The destination of my dragonball z modding+Development Blog(Unscheduled info updating)

The destination of my dragonball z modding+Development Blog(Unscheduled info updating)

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why i want to bring dragonball in Mount&blade;?it come from my 10-years Hope for esf :final and M&B both.

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killyouready Creator

In addition,the latest three videos is just made for fun,While its' function is based on my dbz mod.
i has also tried to make M&B perform like cs,minecraft,rts and so on.
The goal is just to prove Mountblade is not out of date.
We can make M&B as strong as WAR3 EDITOR and MC.
Let's make our effort.
Realize what we want to realize.
Don't just wait.
Don't be easy to say impossible.
We trust in M&B mod system and ourselves and we can make "a new world".

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cool dude

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killyouready Creator

Please wait. i am solving some bugs.The mod should be released after when it is perfect.

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killyouready Creator

Sadly ,i cannot use "reply" "edit"and "article post" web function again.
i don't know why lead to this.So annoying.
however ,this mod won't give up.
Also, i bring some special mod idea in my own group.
Welcome to view and see the power of M&B module system.
i will change other players' opinions about M&B.
We can make M&B as strong as MC , WAR3 and GTA.
And do more various themes of mods that not only about war.

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killyouready Creator

The mod work is going on.
Today i show two funny videos a little connected with my dbz mod.
Use a little of my mod's function to show something like dota and minecraft. haha

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Wait, how is this even possible to do to M&B?

Nice work.

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INtense! Staff

It has been brought to my attention that a lot of off-topic, offensive and otherwise inappropriate comments have been posted here. Consider this a warning that this behavior will not be tolerated. Please keep the discussion related to the mod only. You can setup and join groups on the site, if you have other topics to discuss, provided they fit within the terms of use that all users are expected to adhere with.

Appreciate your time and understanding.

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killyouready Creator

Thx.i see.

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