DragonBall Source is a DBZ mod for Half-Life 2's Source Engine. This mod is now a Multiplayer Mod, and not SinglePlayer like previously intended. Each character will be assigned their own specific set of attacks, with power levels balances to create fair and balanced gameplay. The main multiplayer game is a team based game with two different sub-modes, namely "Capture the Dragonballs" and "King of the Hill". The "Saiyan Saga" (first release) has been released and is currently available via the Downloads page. The next major release will be the "Namek Saga" containing even more characters and maps. There will also be more features, which will mainly focus on transformations. The new character list hasn't been decided upon yet, but there should be between 15 and 20 extra characters to choose from.


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I've been playing this game since 2007, and have fought, some of the best players on the servers from that day since. Son_Raditz and I also had a running clan for a short period of time when the mod was slowly dying. With the mod coming back to life this pleases me greatly and I am very happy for a great game to come back in the eyes of the HLF2 Community

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