Atmospheric immersion into a "Doom-Real" environment. Actually believe you are in a real base. Actually be there fighting to survive and win the day. These are the goals of Dragon Sector. Hi-res texturing. Immersive ambient sounds. Realistic environments. They're all here. If realistic play is your preferred game, then Dragon Sector just might take you as close as you're ever to get to "really being there" in a retro-Doom game!

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It's only been a week, but we had some things we wanted to clean up, so here is another update to Dragon Sector!

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(Important note for this release: GZDoom seems to have introduced a bug that causes a crash at startup if you try to start our set from the game menu. As a result, for the “Full Pack”, we're releasing it with the previous version of GZDoom (version 4.7.1). For 4.8 and above, when you launch with your launcher (e.g. ZDL) just tell it to start at map01 and at what skill you wish to play at.

Also, we just learned you can go to Options > Display, and set the Screen Wipe Style from Melt to Burn. The set will load just fine with this change. Otherwise, GZDoom v 4.10.0 seems to run just fine. We'll try to let everyone know when the folks working on GZDoom resolve this bug. Now onto our release notes!

It's only been a week, but we're back with another update. There were some things we wanted to clean up, including making some major changes to Map03. We think that the map is finally at the level of quality we originally wanted for it.

A slight update on the crash situation with GZDoom 4.8/9/10. We're in contact with the development team, and we're trying to nail down what the issue is. The Full version is not subject to this crash, as we're still bundling the older version of GZDoom with it. Once we know more, we'll let everyone know. In the meantime, check the note above for the workaround on the crashing versions.

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Featured Changes:

Map05 is complete! “Nuclear Station” is undoubtedly, our most ambitious map yet. It was over six months in the making, and is easily twice as large as any of the other maps before it. It has nearly 500 tags, a great many of those specialized actions, many of these happening in interesting combinations. It will be a tough play for the casual Doomer. A full bucket of fun for the hardcore Doom-player!

  • Changes in this edition:
    • Map-Set-Wide Asset Updates:
      • All of the plasma assets have had their plasma shots updated. They look way cooler now. And a lot more realistic.
      • The Rebreather now makes bubbles while you're swimming with it on.
      • Added some new textures.
      • Changed the Intermission song. Keep it Dark by Ross Andrew McLean
      • Added music credits to the intermission screens at the end of each map.
    • Monster Updates:
      • Updated the Supreme Fiend's seeker bombs with new sprites.
    • Map Updates:
      • Map01 – Executive Complex
      • Received a bit of lighting work and a face lift to the executive suites and conference room areas.
      • Changed out one of the security bots out for a drone, in one of the secrets (it was too hard to get the bot to follow you correctly from the area). Also, set its activation on a switch, giving players the choice whether to activate it.
      • Changed the location of the bot in the Brig area. (It's still in the brig, but access to it is more straightforward (requires red key) and players are given the choice whether to activate it.)
      • Map02 – Resources Reclamation
      • Fixed a few textures.
      • Changed how the bot is activated, giving players the choice whether to activate it.
      • Map03 – Skyway
      • Received a major face lift. A lot of detail has been added and a lot of sections improved. Give it a play and see for yourself. :)
      • Map05 – Nuclear Station
      • Fixed texture alignment issues.
      • Changed the map's track to “Surrounded” by Hayden Folker

See the tutorial for instructions on how to get up and running.

Show those demons what you're made of!

BarefootMapMaker & DarynS

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