DownFall is a Half-Life 2 single-player mod taking place in the White Forest surroundings. You 're once more putting on the HEV suit as Gordon Freeman. Your mission is to recover a newly developed technology by the resistance, known as the "citadel buster", before the Combine manage to destroy it.

Hezus says

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Very well done MOD, both visually and gameplay wise! It's pretty unique to start off right in the vehicle and there is also a lot of open space to explore (compared to the original HL2 campaign). The creator really gives players enough freedom to engage problems in several ways or visit certain locations in different orders. Very non-linear, and thus good!

I expected it to be short, but I hoped it would at least last till the end of the story line. Now it feels more like a preview than an actual release. But surely a lot of work has gone into making these maps, so I don't blame the author for this. Let's hope there will be more chapters in the future!

Little design critism:
Some doors are boarded up and can be broken by crowbar and some can't. It's best to chose one way to handle this mechanic, not to confuse players if they are doing anything wrong.

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I´m gonna make it short...

+ level design
+ logic and puzzles
+ atmosphere
+ action
+ balance

- short

Definitely one of the best HL2 mods of this year, true to HL2 universe and atmosphere

Apr 21 2017 by raziel_zv