It consists of a character that falls down a hole and makes friend with a spirit. Together they face puzzles and dangers to escape from the hole.

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This just may be the best CS for Amnesia!
Really good story, amazing details and new details... I played a lot of CSies but THIS one takes the cake! All the other CS makers should take a look at this masterpiece, no joke.

I HIGHLY recommend!! And I'm 100% sure you will not be disappointed! ;)

1) The design. Oh my goshrtpojrtnpinrt! I have never seen more twisted and awesome at the same time design in an amnesia custom story EVER! This is probably the story with the best design in the whole world of amnesia! I really don't know man, but you did a perfect job on the design part!

2) Brutes. I loved the texture changed you made on the brutes, they look like new enemies :D I'm not quite sure, but there is a white and a black brute, right? And if I saw it correctly, you removed the metal things from the white one. Really awesome job! I believe you are both really good and creative in the 3d design sphere.

3) Story. Well, the story was rather nice, but it isn't really anything heart touching. I kind-of liked it since it was easy to follow, but it wasn't that 'deep'. I hope you can understand me. The perfect story is easy to understand, but also really deep if you dig into it and try to find more information.

4) Bugs. I don't remember seeing any bugs, so that's a total +1 :)

Overall. I really believe you are one of the most creative mod developers around. The way the whole story was structured was just amazing. I already said it at least 5 times, but the design was oh my god... Really had alot of fun playing your story, it deserves 10/10, and that will be my rating :)


Wasn't the best or so... but I still remember it after a long time.
It was really, really fun. :D


Good game but ending was kinda bad.


cris3093 says

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This may not be the kind of creativity I had expected when I tried this mod, because it felt like the whole place had been built randomly, without adding more detail despite the endless prisons and corpses laying everywhere. I didn't like the plot either. Good thing, I didn't encounter bugs. But the aforementioned stuff made me unable to enjoy this CS.

One of the best custom stories.

Nothing much to say other than that this CS was very unique and had the most in-depth story. Great work!

Gameplay was great.
Story was easy to follow.
Monster placements were great.





This mod its quit unique.

There are a lot of imaginative stuff in this custom story. And this alone its for what this mod is soo important.

The maps are mix between some really large and annoying, and others still a little big but entertaining. And some have again, really imaginative stuff to offer.

The events are amazing, with a lot of things happend around all the time.

The voice acting was, at first, laughable, then a little monotonous. It could be a lot better. And i found strange that the character talks to himself so openly...some expression when he saw smething are splendid, we all would say something like ''oh, F***'' when looking something disturbing...but most of the time he is just speaking sane men talk to himself that way. Thinking that way, when founding something, maybe. But not talking.

The plot is somewhat good, not excellent, but neither bad. But a better voice acting and a much better ending song than the ''back to the future'' one, will make it a lot, really, a lot more serious. For times, i don't know if something was made properly for the player to laugh or if was so bad acted that it caused me to laugh.
The not-so-serious-but-still-serious approach is not too easy to handle.

What this custom story really lacks is strong challenging and frightening moments. While i played it, i never feel overwhelmed by fear, or tension. And thats not good. We are looking to feel scared. Thats why we love Amnesia.

The mod is, beyond all the stuff it lacks, quitly enjoyable. Because there are details and things interesting in every map; twist in every corner that make the gameplay atractive and joyful.

I think that the developer has a lot of potential, but he/she must decide before doing a mod, what approach to take when telling the story.
If this was a serious-serious mod, maybe it could be one of the best around here.

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