Doom Reborn is a total conversion mod for Doom3 of the original Doom Series. Our goal is to recreate the original Doom & Doom 2 in the Doom3 engine with new textures and new models of the original weapons and monsters with the maps redone and retextured. We also want to bring back the orignal doom hud but retextured and with a 3d model of doom guys head in the center (simlar to q3 & et). we will have a look a remaking the orignal music along with the sounds. I hope that you will enjoy the project as much as we will enjoy making it for you.

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Doom Reborn Pre-Beta Version 1.6 - What's New: New Levels E2M5, Map09, E1M4b (To get to E1M4b you have to find the easter egg in E1M3 or cheat by entering "Map e1m4b" in the command console) (To get to E1M8b you have to find the easter egg in E1M7 or cheat by entering "Map e1m8b" in the command console) I've (>>GameHacKeR<<) added new textures for the new levels and have removed alot of unused textures and old duplicates, i've also created parallax maps for various other textures and duplica

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Updated: 15/12/2018

25 years ago DOOM was released

RomeroGames has released a new project for the original doom using GZDoom called


here's a quote from John Romero's Twitter announcing it today.

"I'm excited to announce the project that I've been working on: SIGIL, an unofficial spiritual successor to The Ultimate DOOM's 4th episode! Read about it here:

If your interested check it out, it's been released through Limited Run

New Featured Video

Doom Reborn is a community project for the community and by the community,

I can always do with more help, I "Michael" am mainly only a mapper but i've dabbled in every aspect of the project over the past 5-6years since I picked the project up again and continued where I left off with Map02.

if you'd like to help out with the project leave a comment here or send me a pm and get involved.

I've noticed that is down, The site was hosted by Brent and I haven't heard from him in some time, I believe a while ago he moved on with other projects and I wish him the best, you can view the various API project's he's been working on with other people at the Redmine page

Just a quick update for everyone, I've been studying alot lately on other things, which

should be useful for the project in the future,

3Ds Max, C++, UE4, UE4C++

And on top of that Japanese

cause I intend on going to Japan next year,

The reason i'm doing alot of studying is because I need more modern skills

and mostly I need a better job, I'm broke, i'm always broke and have been for years

i'm 29 and still living with my parents and i'm relaying on them for help to even pay

for the car to get me too work.

I'm not giving up on the project but my studies will be coming first now rather than second,

Just wanted to keep everyone updated on what's going on, and I hope you's are all keeping well

god bless.

Doom Reborn Engine Source Code

Me and Jonny have now made the Engine source code available from github

if your a c++ programmer and would like to help out take a copy :)

Doom Reborn Pre-Beta Version 1.6 - ModDB Link

Doom Reborn Pre-Beta Version 1.6

Doom Reborn Pre-Beta Version 1.6 - Link


Dafama2k7's Pre-Beta Version 1.6 Unoffical Mod Patch

I recommend using Dafama2k7's Unoffical Mod Patch

it will correct the issue with the stats screen and health vials

as well as adding quite a few improvements


If you want to set a custom resolution like 1920X1080

You can follow the tuturial on ModDB

Also use the command "r_aspectratio 1" for 16:9 (0 = 4:3 1 = 16:9 2 = 16:10)

New resolution options will be added to the main menu in a future release

John Romero's E1M8 Wad

John Romero's E1M8 Wad

John Romero's E1M4 Wad

John Romero's E1M4b

John Romero's & Adrian Carmack's BLACKROOM


- Copy of Read Me

Doom Reborn Mod
Pre-Beta Version 1.6

- Setup

Using the installer simply just select your Doom 3 folder and click next
Example "C:\Program files\Doom 3"

After the install has finished you'll have the option to place a shortcut to the "DoomReborn.exe" on your desktop

- Launching the Mod

Brent&Jonny have made many code fixes and changes that will only work with the new DoomReborn.exe
and gamex86.dll

You should always use the DoomReborn.exe found in the Doom 3 folder

Example "C:\Program Files\Doom 3\"


- Saves

To use saves you will need to use the provided patch, It will replace Brent's DoomReborn.exe & Gamex86.dll
With Jonny's.
Jonny is redoing some of Brent's earlier work and this is still work in progress, so for now this is a optional extra

- Known Issues When Using The Saves Patch (Jonny's New work in progress .exe&.dll)

Weapons don't carry over after completing a level

Stats screen music doesn't play

Doom 1 episode 2's stats screen is episode 1's screen

Doom 2's stat's screen is Doom 1's episode 1 screen

Music slider doesn't exist

Stat's screen counters don't calculate correctly

(If you's find other issues please report them to us)

- Known Issues With Pre-Beta Version 1.6 Non Saves Patch (Brent's Old .exe&.dll)

Using Brents old DoomReborn.exe&Gamex86.dll with Pre-Beta Version 1.6 will allow weapons carry over as normal after completing a level this is why i've provided it as default still but it has these issues now unfortunately

prevents stats screen displaying after completing a level,

will prevent the knockback\blob removal from working meaning it'll still be present

Health Vials will no longer work above 100health (They Will Work Properly Using The Saves Patch Jonny's .exe&.dll)

This may not be the case for everyone so please let us know

- What's New

New Levels E2M5, Map09, E1M4b
(To get to E1M4b you have to find the easter egg in E1M3 or cheat by entering "Map e1m4b" in the command console)
(To get to E1M8b you have to find the easter egg in E1M7 or cheat by entering "Map e1m8b" in the command console)

I've (>>GameHacKeR<<) added new textures for the new levels and have removed alot of unused textures and old duplicates, i've also created parallax maps for various other textures and duplicated a couple of reinchards for
other wall textures where they can be used, I've also scaled up various models to make them more noticeable.

Alot of performance&detail improvements have been made in many areas but further improvements will be made in future releases

Various gameplay improvements\tweaks.

Jonny has fixed saves for this release but in this early stage of development you can only use quick saves (F5 quick save | F9 quick load)
Jonny has also been redoing alot of the code and has also added the red flash for when you get hurt but this is also still work in progress

Kept some changes from Dafama's mod for Doom Reborn Pre Beta Version 1.5 I don't know who I need to credit for the Doom 1+2 sound pack but
I do need to open the ".sndshd" sound files I suspect the sample rate is off because there is reported errors in the command console and the sound for
picking up armor shards doesn't work at the moment.

you can toggle between dafama's shader and WolfenTexure pack shader by pressing "R" at any time.

I've done alot of work to earlier levels, i'm not going to list all of them here, but the changes consist of various
light, texture, structure, performance, Changes.

E1M5 had a couple of structure changes and I (>>GameHacKeR<<) simulated the light goggles, most other levels had a couple of light&performance improvements and various texture changes.

There's probably even more things i've forgotten to include.

New original Doom updated midi's from Koitsu7 for E1M9 & E2M1

Updated normal and specular maps on a couple of textures by Robert Mccallister (aka R.G.M)

Knockback&Blob when being hit removed when using Jonny's .exe&.dll (Saves patch)

- Enabling Parallax Occlusion Mapping

I've disabled Parallax Occlusion Mapping by default
To enable it again open the command console by pressing left "ctrl" left "alt" and "`" at the same time and type
"image_usecompression 0" and then press enter.
Then type "vid_restart" and then press enter.
The screen will go black then come back grey for a few seconds while it reloads, don't worry that's normal.

After the screen reloads (takes longer if you make the change mid level) that's you all done, press escape or "`"
to close the command line console.

To disable Parallax Occlusion Mapping again follow this same process except use this command instead "image_usecompression 1"

- Found a bug

If you have found a bug in the mod please Let me know so I can fix it, Contact me at

- Credits

Michael Hanlon (>>GameHacKeR<<) - (Current Leader, Mapper,Texture Artist, Other Odd Jobs)

Reinchard - (Creator of remade Doom Guy face in the hud and some of his remade textures and new menu buttons and skull face)

Jonny - (New coder has redone some of Brents older code and added alot of cool things, I can't thank him enough for his help)

Koitsu7 - Remixed midi tracks for e1m9 & e2m1

Dafama2k7 - (Creator of the Doom Reborn Pre-beta Version 1.5 mod which some of the changes have made it into Pre-beta version 1.6)

- Pre release testers


Christopher Hazzlet






- Past Contributors

Brent de Carteret - (Project Founder, Coder, Web design, Object modeler, Mapper)

Apz Feak - ( Texture Artest, Map Object Modeler, Item modeler, Monster/weapon Skiner)

Pablo_messier - (Mapper)

Neurological_1 - (Music)

Lab_Rat - (Mapper)

Stine - (GFX Artest)

Gazz - (Managing Support)

Striderdm1 - (Tester) Old Member

Cristiano Salvati - (Music) E1M5 Sample

Disclaimer: You may not use this mod for your own designs with out permission from the Doom
Reborn dev team.

Screen Shots

Pre Beta Version 1.6 Comparison

Pre Beta Version 1.6 Comparison

Pre Beta Version 1.6 Comparison

Pre Beta Version 1.6 Comparison

Pre Beta Version 1.6 Comparison

More screen shots to come in the future

Simo K

Playing all 'Doom 2 Maps' from the Doom Reborn mod


Playing Doom 1 Episode 2


Playing Doom 2

Dedisktor Nighter

A look back at Alpha Version 0.80 I just came across this video today which I decided to share here

because it's quite nostalgic to see how far the project has come over the past 6 years since I picked up my place as a mapper after we all left the project behind at Alpha Version 0.80 a few people have contributed a couple of things here and there over the past 6 years i've been working on it again, it's still nice to see where it had gotten to then and where it has gotten to now.

Without the support of the community this project wouldn't be where it is today.

Thank you all so much :)

Doctor Penguin

Playing using Dafama2k7's Pre-Beta Version 1.6 Mod Update (Using the Brents default .exe&.dll)


Includes a guide on how to setup and adjust settings, along with a quick review

1. setting I did leave out in my previous guide,

"r_aspectratio 0" 4:3

"r_aspectratio 1" 16:9

"r_aspectratio 2" 16:10

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DooM Italia

Also check out Medev's user page he shares alot of other cool mods



No linux support? ok, byebye.

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Well, it is a mod. Can't you just use a Linux-supported engine port?

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gamehacker Author

Sorry mate no, People have gotten earlier versions to launch on Mac and Linux but have never shared the files with me, If you own Doom 3 for linux then it should work if you just add a copy of what ever the Gamex86.dll is on linux and mac to the DoomReborn folder,

But for full support on Linux you can use Wine
I've played DoomReborn on Knoppix using Wine, I suggest you do that for now :D

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