DOOM3BCOMP -- DOOM 3 BFG Crysis OverTheTop Matrix Perfected Mod inspired by game Crysis and movie Matrix, with over the top FX and Perfected weapons. It also improves 3D stereoscopic support and can save 360 degree stereoscopic VR screenshot. *** Fully working stealth cloaking feature similar to Crysis' nanosuit. *** Bio-enhanced DOOM marine with bullet time ability (either slow down world or world except player). *** Over the top FX. Extreme particles, corps stay forever and much much more. *** Various weapon and gameplay modification. Sentry bot companion, realistic ammo reloading behavior, all weapons tweaks, seeking missile, enemy early warning system, rear view cam, etc. *** Stereoscoptic 3D improvement. Fixed all discomfort effects. Add support to save 3D screenshot. *** Limited VR support. Be able to save 360 degree cube view screenshot (also can be stereoscopic) viewable in all VR headsets.

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mod installation guide

Installers Tutorial

DOOM3BCOMP Installation guide:

A) Requirement
DOOM3 BFG HiDef mod (It is based on RBDOOM3BFG, greatly improved graphics baseline , such as shadow, lighting, HDR, and HD model and textures, FX etc).

B) Disclaimer
* Big credits to authors of HiDef mod and RBDOOM3BFG. Also big thanks to Id Software for releasing source code that make the mod possible.
* This mod is my sole hobby effort and it is totally free.
* The mod needs user to be a little technical to be familiar with DOOM 3 engine and console commands. I do not have bandwidth to make it user friendly. It also depends on how well
the mod goes in the future.
* Anyone who is interested in the mod or need help or detect bugs, contact me and we can work together.
* I personally tested the mod finishing lost mission campaign, most of ROE, and first three levels of DOOM 3 campaign.
* To say again, the mod is my sole effort and it is working well in my PC. If you encounter any problem in your environment, it must be installation issues. I will try best but
cannot guarantee to fix all issues. I am only one person and time is very limited.

C) My mod only contains RBDoom3BFG.exe and some /def /script files.
1) Backup your old files if you want to roll back.
2) Replace RBDoom3BFG.exe (most of changes are in source code)
3) Add or replace files in base/def and base/script. If you want to continue to use your own mod, it is very easy to merge those plain text files
4) The folder base/sound/prozo seems missing in HiDef installation. Copy it from ultimate mod
5) Because script files are changed, it will not work with existing game saves. Recommend to start game anew.
6) Edit bindkeys in C:\Users\your name\Saved Games\id Software\RBDOOM 3 BFG\base\D3BFGConfig.cfg. Or use any key you like.

bind "Q" "notarget"
bind "T" "toggle g_skipvieweffects 1 0"
bind "U" "testLight"
bind "G" "testPointLight"
bind "L" "poplight"
bind "V" "weaponsplat"
bind "LALT" "stereoRender_interoccularcentimeters 0.92;stereorender_convergence 6;poplight;wait 3;screenshot;poplight;stereoRender_interoccularcentimeters 0.125;stereorender_convergence 36"
bind "MOUSE2" "toggle timescale 0.4 1"
bind "MOUSE3" "toggle timescale 0.8 1"
set com_enginehz 240

Explanation for above bindings:
mouse 3 - toggle slomo mode 1 helltime (only enemy slow, player move and fire normal)
mouse 2 - toggle slow motion 0.4 with cool bloom effect
Q - toggle cloaking
V - toggle rear view camera
T - Toggle HUD (for 3D stereo mode, ignore or no not bind if you do not play in stereo 3D)
G - toggle bottom right weapon info in HUD and damage double vision (for 3D stereo mode)
L - enable 360 cube view mode
left ALT- take 360 VR screenshot

7) Some bindkeys edit or create game_install_foler/base/autoexec.cfg autoexec.cfg. One important thing is to set the battery duration to your liking
flashlight_batteryChargeTimeMS flashlight_batteryDrainTimeMS

set com_skipIntroVideos "1" //Skip intro logo movies
flashlight_batteryFlickerPercent ".01" //Flickery animation for flashlight
flashlight_minActivatePercent ".25" //Longer time to simulate battery changes
flashlight_batteryChargeTimeMS "15000" //Longer time to simulate battery changes
flashlight_batteryDrainTimeMS "60000" //More realistic flashlight
set com_allowconsole "1" //Enables console
set achievements_Verbose "0" //Disables naging about disabled achievements
set stereoRender_convergence “36"
set stereoRender_warp 0
set stereoRender_interoccularcentimeters “0.125"

8) Optional tweaking, edit game_install_foler/base/autoexec.cfg, such as "set r_usessao 0" to improve performance.
9) Because /def and /script files are plain text, I listed the details here
- add zombie_base.def (for ungibble zombie)
-add ai_monster_base.script (for longer monster burnaway time)
- add weapon_cfg.script (no self destruct)
- add weapon_pistol.script (increase firerate and damage)
- add weapon_shotgun.script (change reload rate)
- modify weapon_shotgun.def (reduce spread)
- modify weapon_fists.def (increase damage, push, and melee distance)
- modify weapon_rocketlauncher.def(use guided missile and reduce speed)
- add ai_char_sentry.script (sentry bot)

D) troubleshooting tips:
* If there is error loading maps etc, delete base/generated directory. Game will regenerate it again and error would be fixed.
The error is introduce by HiDef mod, but it should work fine if the DOOM 3 BFG is freshly installed
* I noticed a crash in lost mission level le_enpro2 (crash on grabber) and underground 2 le_exis1 (anchive firewall.prt) (anchive fireball), most likely from HiDef mod.
There is an error loading an entity_def during gameplay. The fix is to delete monster_demon_archvile.def and weapon_grabber.def which is equivalent to use original default.
* As mentioned before, the previous saved game will no longer works because script file changed. Start new game or load new map level.

E) stereo 3D or VR screenshot notes:
- I use Nvidia 3D vision for stereo 3D, and I have not tried other 3D technology.
- with 3D vision enabled, do not use Nvidia DSR feature. If you do not know the name DSR, just ingore it.
- in non-stereo 3D mode, DSR is very useful to upscale resolution with screenshot. The 2D 360 VR screenshot quality can benefit from the higher resolution.

F) Summary to the modded gameplay strategy
Pro: invisible
Con: no use if enemy is already engaged
walk speed in half, no run
draining rate 2X
disable with soulcube and chainsaw
firing weapon disable cloaking, except fists and hand grenade
Pro: big advantage, time slows and allow more react time
Con: draining battery power
mode 1:
Pro: global slow to 0.4 time, cool effect
Con: bloom effect obstruct view a bit, draining rate 2X.
mode 2:
Pro: enemy very slow, player still fast. Very big advantage.
Con: draining rate 4X
Pro: Super damage, cloaking use
Con: Close range
Pro: cloaking use
Pro: seeking
Con: slow speed
Pro: early warning, refill health
Con: uncloaking
Con: disable cloaking and slowmo
Con: lost ammo in current clip
Read View Cam:
Pro: see behind, toggle at will
Con: performance frame rate cut
RoE Artifact:
Con: cannot enter slowmo 1 and 2, and cloaking

detailed mod description

detailed mod description

Design/Concepts Tutorial

DOOM3BCOMP -- DOOM 3 BFG Crysis OverTheTop Matrix Perfected Mod inspired by game Crysis and movie Matrix, with over the top FX and Perfected weapons...

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Full Version

DOOM3BCOMP -- DOOM 3 BFG Crysis OverTheTop Matrix Perfected Mod inspired by game Crysis and movie Matrix, with over the top FX and Perfected weapons...

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trydc55 Creator

mod summary:

1) the key features of the mod is to add a cloaking mode, think about predator or crysis nanosuit. second one is two modes of slow motion/bullet time game play
2) Secondary features are special effects are greatly enhanced. Many details, much more particles effect, all enemy corps do not disappear, more bloody. Also weapons are tweaked a lot with some cool behaviors
3) the last feature is that the duration of cloaking and slow motion is under the same battery management of flashlight, with different battery draining rate. so tune down the brightness of the game, make it more scary, manage flashlight and other abilities wisely. it is one hell kind of the game. doom 3 is my favorite among doom series, because of its survival horror elements

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All those cheat codes are included into the game already, all you did was bind them to keys in the config, Im sorry but this mod seems redundant, the particles are alright but most people will probably prefer phrozos particles. Also many of the the changes you've made are already included in 99% of other mods. This mod is completely redundant I'm sorry to say. Im NOT hating on your mod or saying it's horrible or bad, I'm just saying it's a pretty useless mod. There's no real point for it. It doesn't really add anything new to the game. If you want to make this mod a little better, tidy up the huge description and include better changes such as Sikkmod compatibility, skins and sounds. If you're going for unchanged gameplay, try adding redux textures, GUIs and shaders. If you need help, I'll be happy to help. And if you really want this mod to be more unique, try adding newer models to the monsters and weapons + use ceds animations. But those are much more experienced features to pull of since they are entire overhauls.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
trydc55 Creator

Hi Recezy, thanks for feedback, but have you actually played the mod? My mod is a game play mod, not a content mod, and it brought out some hidden content from the game as well. Yes, it borrows some elements from other mods, but it has many features of its own. Checked out the article 'detailed mod description" for the cool details. For example, going slow motion is not just a key bind. There is cool screen effect triggered too. Having everything I want in a single mod is also a plus. This mod contains many lines of code change.

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I can't play the mod coz I don't have bfg edition

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VGames Online

Why is Perfected in the title?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

I'm guessing he just chose it and because it is the "P" in Comp but I still have no idea what this mod is about lol.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

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Uhmph... Could you please add some kind of gameplay video or sth? It's hard to figure out what's this mod all about... thx.

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