----!! WARNING !! NOT COMPATIBLE WITH OTHER DOOM MODS!!---- . . . From the creators of Amnesia: Key to Freedom. Doom Zero is both a celebration and subversion of the original Doom. With unique puzzle, navigational and narrative elements. The purpose of Doom Zero is to prove to Doom fans that there is far more you can do with the vanilla version of Doom II. This also means it can run on the DOS original.

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This mod was originally released on the Doomworld forums in Celebration of 25 years of Doom II

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- Fully MS-DOS compatible! (minimum: Intel DX4 100MHz - recommended: Intel Pentium 60MHz)
- New Monster and Boss
- 30 new Levels (maybe 2 additional secret levels?)
- 4 Player Co-op
- New Graphics and Sounds (including SFX, music and sprites)

Optional High Quality Music add-on now available. Run it with the mod for the ultimate experience.

Here's a Walkthrough for those that need a little help ^_^
Click here ---->
DoomZero walkthrough

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