Doom Slayer Chronicles is the most beautiful and technologically advanced mappack for Doom2 singleplayer. Doom Slayer Chronicles (DSC) compatible with all known gameplay mods for Doom2. The DSC takes advantage of the newest features of gzdoom, such as hardware shaders, full-screen post-processing, PBR textures (normals and specular maps, also often called "bump mapping"), high-resolution textures, and of course dynamic lighting.

-Ghost- says

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Definitely has some pros and cons to it, but it's an interesting idea.

- Detailed map design
- Interesting map layouts
- Good atmosphere/sounds

- Poor optimization, doesn't run very well even with lowres settings.
- Suffers from what Doom 4 did, by feeling kind of bland moving from arena to arena. The maps look nice, but they're still just small arenas, not a true map.
- Enemy spawns are kind of rough; some maps have a good variety, others have either too low or too high of spawns in tight quarters that isn't fun to deal with.

Overall I'm kind of disappointed, but I wasn't expecting much since I'm not a fan of Doom 4's level design either. Needs work, but there's potential.

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Highest Rated (2 agree) 8/10

Gameplay mods compatibility - Yes

Good graphic - Yes

Optimisation - Maybe??

Location - Not bad but buggy

Sep 1 2018 by IDDQD_1337