Readme File:
Title Doom Realism Mod
Version 1.2
Team Leader Cody64
Completion Date 10/11/04 (Updated by Dafama on 3/2/2k8)


This is the latest update of the Doom 3 Realism Mod. With this release, the mod has grown bigger than ever, and I am slowly forming a team! As I Write this, We currently have about 10 members, and by the time you play this mod, we should have even more!
The biggest Feature of this version is that EVERY SP LEVEL in the ENTIRE game has been CHANGED!!!!! These Levels now have MORE MONSTERS and WEAPONS, and the gameplay is COMPLETELY different than on regular D3...This Mod is based on one thing....ACTION!!! You will now go through the levels fighting for your life the ENTIRE TIME! The strength of monsters, and power of your weapons have also been altered to allow a much more intense and realistic experience!!!!! It is advised to use quicksave a lot, because this mod is truly difficult....
This version will give you a small peak at what to expect to see in the new sp campaign we will be adding in the future...One noticeable difference between our campaign, and the current one, however, is that ours will be squad based.....The intense combat will be similar though!!!!
This Version also includes Two NEW monsters that do not replace ANY Current monsters...They are the Spectre, and the Nightmare Imp (The Spectre has been included into the upgraded, regular SP maps in this mod). I hope that you will all enjoy seeing them in action as much as I do!!
Also, to everyone who has been worried that this Mod is not balanced, DON"T BE! You might have more powerfull weapons now, but the enemies (ALL OF THEM!!!!) are more powerful now...And some (Such as the mancubus and Hellknight) even have more HP! Overall, this mod makes the Doom3 gameplay MUCH faster, and more intense... You must use all your skill to avoid taking damage, while making precise aimming... The only game I can compare this mod to is Call of duty on the veteran difficulty, whith the exception that I HAVE NOT removed the med packs in this mod....

Some of you might actually find this mod to be TOO Challenging....For you, I suggest bumping down the difficulty by about 1 level...I play on the marine difficulty, which now is A LOT HARDER.... Also, make sure that you all have Quick Save binded to an easilly accessible key, as you should use it a lot MORE OFTEN than befor...



Please leave ME FEEDBACK, So I can continue to improve apon this MOD!!!!


Needs at least the Doom Realism v0.7a full and the next updates to be installed first.
Unzip and place folder into your Doom3 directory.
To use...Activate in mods once game is started.

To Uninstal:
Delete Doom Realism Folder...

*Note on Mod*

This mod aims at making Doom3 a more realistic (and hopefully more injoyable) experience. I am trying to improve realism by making the weapons more powerfull, Some enemies stronger, some weaker, and most doing more damage...
I am also upgrading the way most of the weapons fire (This is the year 2145, you know). The most noticeable change in this first release is the rate of fire of the machine gun (around 30 rounds per second)! I was very dissapointed with the original machine gun because it lacked the power and fire rate that one would expect from a weapon made that far in the future....
As time goes on, I plan on adding new sounds, new weapons, and grately improving apon the AI of the enemies (this will need to be done to componsate for the more powerfull weapons). Most of this might have to wait for the release of the SDK... I have already done the coding for the double barrelled (Super Shotgun) found in doom 2, but have not been able to get it to work in game...It keeps crashing when I load it.
I am completely open for suggestions from the community when making this mod. I realise that there are many perceptions of the word "Realism" And I plan on making all futur versions based on what the community has suggested and asked for...
I would also be interested in getting help from other coders, and am in need of a moddeller/skinner (Two things i can't do). If you are interested in helping, please e-mail me at:

Important note!...: This time (v1.2) is a FULL version, so remove any older version of this mod before installing.

*Version History*

*v1.2 (public) by Dafama
-Fixed MC_Underground map no_weapons bug.
-Replaced Weapon_Flare item for ammo_flaregrenades_small item on all maps (16 replacements).
-Changed MuzzleFlash color on all player weapons with a more blueish one.
-Now, all weapons can explode grenades or flares firing at them.
-All weapons, launches they're missiles or bullets from barrel.
-Updated to latest NG shaders v1.3 !
-Added bigger radius, changed color to be more red and changed flashtime for all muzzleflashes, including the ones from the
Zsecs, Zcommandos and Sentries.
-Added more spread to the Chaingun weapons of Player and Zcommandos.
-Fixed PDA bug ¿?

*v1.1 (public) by Dafama
-Fixed Mars City 1 map fists weapon and PDA problems.
-Fixed Shreder FPS lose weapon.
-Fixed all Chainguns, Submachineguns and Machineguns on player and npcs.
-Added latest hot NG shaders v1.2 that features more metallic and less plastic environment.
-Updated Imp to be more faster walking and runing.
-Fixed Communications 1 map blocked doors.
-Changed offset for weapons that uses repeated models (submachinegun, supershotgun & shredder).
-Increassed flashlight radius.
-Fixed Fists and Flare grenades that where causing many crashes when using the PDA.
-Removed Pinky bug on Delta 1 map.
-Fixed FPS lose on shotgun and supershotgun weapons.
-Updated Plasmagun impact fx, hot !
-This mod now uses Chromatic Dispersion shaders thanks to TheRealSceneGraphManager.

*v1.0 (public) by Dafama
-Fixed some weapons sound volume that was set too high.
-Fixed ammo and weapons bugs.
-Fixed ragdoll body parts.
-Updated the shaders to latest NG version.
-Added Dispersion shaders by TheRealSceneGraphManager.

*v0.9 (public) by Dafama
-Fixed Pinky duplicated name in file in both noshadows and fullshadows versions.
-Updated the weapons to be more advanced, reallistic and with better features.
-Updated the A.I. for monsters to be more hard to beat and to have more chance to resurrect.

*v0.8a (internal) by Dafama
-Fixed Soulcube, Fists, Player and Mp .def files.

*v0.8 update (public) by Dafama
-Fixed some weapons scripts and rissed the damage for some weapons.
-Enabled weapon_shredder, weapon_submachinegun, weapon_devastator and weapon_supershotgun.
-Added better muzzleflashes and dynamic lights for the weapons FX.
-Fixed ZCommandos & ZSecs light fx.

*v0.7a* (public) by Dafama
-Fixed zombies, characters, Sentrys and weapons.
-Updated shaders and scripts.
-Fixed bugs in sp maps and in flying entities.
-Fixed Pinky duplicated name in Comm1, Commoutside, Alphalabs4, Recycling1, Recycling2, Admin and Cpu .map files in both noshadows and fullshadows versions.

*v0.6b (internal) by Dafama
-Fixed a very BAD bug that was affecting Pinkys, Specs and triggering them or the things they have to trigger !
-Fixed bugs in monster_base.script.
-Better A.I. for many Demons/Zombies.
-Updated Shaders (glprogs).
-Optimized the code a little.
-Upgraded the 3 maps that Cody64 left unchanged...:, and, now all three contains the Nightmare_Imps and Pinky_Spectres !!!

*v0.6a (internal) by Dafama
-Added full shadows to every SP level !!!
-Added the NIGHTMARE IMP (now, included in upgraded SP regular levels)
-Added the weapon SuperShotgun by Code64.
-Fixed some small bugs...

-EVERY SP level upgraded!!!! MUCH more intense!
-Added the PINKY_SPECTRE (now, included in upgraded SP regular levels)

-New weapon, Flare Grenad...Lights up room for those who think they need more light...Doesn't give off TOO much light... just enough to allow you to see, but still make the game spooky.
-Added my weapons to the first 6 levels...
-Added A TON more monsters to the first 6 levels...
-Added various new effects....
-Tweaked a few guns for more realism and ballance...
-Tweaked MAX ammo on a few guns for ballance....

-Blood, Shotgunshells, and Bullet casings all stay MUCH LONGER!!!!
-New GuN, The Sub Mahcinegun (Won't be in maps until v.5, Ammo won't be either, so type:
give weapon_submachinegun
to use it...
-New Gun, The Devastator (also not in maps until V.5,not ammo....) Type:
give weapon_devastator
-Mahcinegun has had its fire rate reduced (still fires faster than normal) and is much more accurate (Due to popular demand)....It still kicks a lot, which makes it not dead on accurate (Totally Realistic)
-Gattling Gun Now fires MUCH faster, and has faster projectiles
-Plasma Rifle has MUCH faster Projectiles!!!
-TONS of NEW SOUNDS (look at the file size!!!!) Please tell me which sounds you like, and which ones you think need improvement on...
-Also, All Boss Monsters Have been upgraded to make the battles more ballanced, and the Cyber Demon has been made MUCH harder (I thought he was WAY TOO EASY regularly)
-New Pistol Skin (Made by Fragger)

-Added New firing sounds for pistol
-New sounds for machine gun (hard to tell though because it fires so fast...I might have to make the rate of fire slower...)
-New sounds for shotgun...(It currently makes two completely different sounds....I'll leave it to the community to tell me which one they like better, and I'll change it for version .04)
-The grenade is no longer on your weapon cycle, press grenade key to toggle it (no more having to toggle past it to get to a better weapon!)

-All monsters are now more powerfull (make sure you don't get hit!)
-Player runs faster, but drains stamina faster and bobs more...
-you can now jump slightly higher than before, which makes it easier to get on top of those boxes that used to be such a pain to get on...
-Zombies are only gibbed by some Weapons...
-Demons now last a little longer before burning away...May make it so they never burn away if demand is high enough...
-Grenade is can now be toggled like the flashlight...Press grenade key once, and you get grenade, press again and you get your previous weapon (I suggest binding grenade key to "E").
-Headshots Now Do MEGA damage on Most Monsters....Getting headshots on monsters will be KEY to your SUCCESS!

-pistol much more powerful...Has smaller clip and slower rate of fire...
-Shotgun insanely powerfull (C'mon, a Military isued shotgun in the year 2145 should at least be more advanced than what we have now) Spread has been reduced...
-Machinegun slightly stronger, and has an insane rate of fire (about 30 rps)... Has a 99 round clip....bullets spread alot more though, making it ideal for close quarter combat...
-Plasma Rifel now fires much faster, and has a slight spread...
-Grenade isn't so bouncy...
-Rocket Launcher more powerfull....
-BFG slightly stronger....
-Chainsaw stronger...
-Fists MUCH Weaker...
-Flashlight MUCH weaker...
-Chaingun...A little stronger...I've decided to let the community help me decide what else to do with it...

-Imp now is stronger (does more damage) and should make an attempt to dodge your gunshots more often....

-muzzle flashes have been tinkered with, and most explosions make much bigger flashes...

*Things To Expect By The Patch we will be releasing soon (now, small updates to be released only from Dafama !)

-More New Monsters
-Even more sounds
-More MP Support

*Things To Expect In The Future

-D3XP version of Doom Realism v0.6b (Projected by Dafama)
-New MP Maps, and possibly some new modes (cancelled)
-TONS of new skins (partially cancelled)
-An intirely new Single Player Map Pack (Think of it as an unofficial Expansion Pack) (cancelled)
-The COOP mode We promised (cancelled)
-And anything else suggested to me, or that I think of that sounds Cool!!!


****I need Help in the following cattegories if I am ever going to be able to make this mod as good as I want it to be****
-SKINNERS (I need a couple talented Skinners)
-MODELLERS (What's the point of New Weapons and Monsters if They Don't have unique Models and animations?)
-MAP MAKERS (I Really Need Some talented Map Makers to make some new Single and Multiplayer Maps...)
-PROGRAMMERS (Atleast 1 or 2 other good programmers would be usefull....)
-WEB PAGE DESIGNER (The Thought of this Mod having its own web page sounds pretty tight!!! (not a necessity though))
-SOUND BUFFS (Don't know what else to call em? Atleast one (maybe 2) guys who are good with sfx/music would be a great PLUS to this mod)
-YOU (I need your continuous input to help me come up with more great ideas on how to improve this mod...This mod is made by gamer, for a gamer...This mod will never be able to Grow without your support... Thank YOU =)!!!!!)


-Menu song, for some reason, reverts back to the original version after you load your game.....¿?
-Some AI problems, and other odd events since adding more monsters to maps.... (partially fixed by Dafama !)


-Cody64: Leader, Programmer
-Nuke: Mapper, Web Designer
-Jdawgg: Mapper, Cut Scene Designer
-Murd: Mapper
-Natanel: Assistant Mapper
-Live_wirE: 3D Modeler
-Kpt.Kev: 3D Modeler
-Necro: Concept Artist
-More, that are still deciding.....

-Cody64 (MOD Creator)

*SPECIAL THANKS TO FRAGGER (Creator of new Pistol Skin)

-Dafama2k7 (MOD updater) want to give special thanks to Hfx_Rebel (D3-Files Administrator).


I recommend completing the game for the first time whithout mods installed... It is an amazing experience and well worth it.

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