In this 1 level WAD. go from a demon infected room to HELL.

sorry that this is short. i just wanted to make another mod to show what i know so far with doom moding. i hope you enjoyed the WAD. i worked much harder on this one then i did my first wad "baby's first wad".

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Doom II: Descent

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This is my first doom map that i actually put time into. the one before this one was more of a test. i am so sorry for it being short. i am still honing my skills with doom builder.


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This is a patch/UPDATE for my doom map DESCENT. hope you guys enjoy thank you DDoomdude for pointing the stuff I needed out.

Doom II: Descent

Doom II: Descent

Full Version 2 comments

This is the full version of Doom 2:Descent. hope you liked it and i will make more mods in the future. till then, bye bye :)

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