A xp/rank/reward/mobility modification with visual/sound/text notifications. Custom "Doom Exp Settings" menu, Improved Sounds & effects and More Gore!

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There have been some balancing issues which now should be more optimized. Also new mini-boss encounters and a new weapon upgrade. Hope you enjoy!

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Doom Eternal Xp 1.7 - News

Doom Eternal Xp v1.7 - Mod DB

Doom Eternal v1.7 updates:

  • Dual pistols upgrade added. Alt fire switches between weapons.
  • Shotgun spread reduced.
  • Highly reduced ammo drops for killing monsters.
  • Ammo capacity upgrade amount reduced.
  • Random mini-boss encounters added.
  • Every 5 ranks you get a +25 permanent health upgrade.
  • Price for loot drops adjusted to ranks. Drops will get more expensive but also give better items.

Here is the info screen since some people don't seem to know about the in-game F1 help screen. It will show you what certain icons mean and when level rewards are received.


Doom Eternal v1.6d updates:

  • Buy feature enhanced. Higher ranks give better drops but will also cost more.
  • Speedometer added.
  • Small flames no longer do damage.
  • Arch Vile glitch with railgun attacks fixed. (Arch Vile wouldn't take much damage)
  • Script clean ups.

Doom Eternal v1.6c updates:

  • You can now buy random itmes for 500xp.
  • BFG alt fire reworked to be more balanced.
  • Plasmarifle alt fire will now always gib enemies.
  • New HUD font for Health,Armor and Ammo.
  • BFG alt fire and rockets spawn flames on impact.
  • Plasmarifle impacts now do shock damage with a chance to stun monsters.
  • Minor fixes and changes on lighting and monster decorate.


Doom Eternal v1.6b updates:

  • Some cool GL lighting has been applied to projectiles.
  • The 2nd Style Bonus Kill on the Zombieman which cuts him in half, has been impoved to look better.
  • Alt fire on Chaingun uses 10 bullets instead of 5 to compensate the high damage output.
  • Thx to C.Blacktoe for pointing out a glitch I thought I had fixed. Using Blade/Kick on exit shouldn't break your weapon selction anymore.

Doom Eternal v1.6a updates:

  • All weapons except for melee, now come with their own custom crosshairs.
  • Both shotgun weapon sprites have been edited with a visual grapple hook attachment.
  • The SSG alt fire animation has been changed.
  • Weapon sway by Nash Muhandes has been implemented into the mod.
  • A rare chance that zombiemen, shotgunguys, wolfensteinss and cacodemons have a embarrassing death.


Feel free to join our discord server for exclusive info or to share your thoughts and suggestions.


no download for 1.7 in files section?

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Officer_D Author

The download is waiting to be authorized by moddb staff. Idk what is taking them so long.

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ok, now it is available.

Anyway, thanks for keep updating this.

With its unique features, this is one of the best mods to be played with long megawads with lots of enemies to kill.

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What's the command to get XP/ranks (I'm playing Vanguard and the game crashes between map05 and map06 and I lose my XP when doing IDCLEV06)

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Officer_D Author

Since some ranks set variables, you would need multiple commands for them to work correctly. So for example "give rank 12" would not work because certain conditions aren't met.
Just tested Vanguard. It doesn't crash for me. Map05 has a death exit if that is what you meant, so it is intentional to get everything reset. You can bypass this in 2 ways. At the end of map05 don't go into the exit. Open the console and type changemap map06. that way you will keep all of your stuff. The other method you can do, is bind a key to e.g. bind m "summonfriend cyberdemon; wait; mdk" and just keep spamming that until you reach your desired rank.

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