D3FE is a series of simple fixes and quality of life improvements to the original Doom 3 game and it's expansion Resurrection of Evil (optional) that attempt to fix the shortcomings and issues in the game without deviating from the source material. Think of it like a more refined version of the BFG Edition. If you're looking for a mod that fixes the game without changing it too much, D3FE is for you.

D3FE also works with dhewm3, don't forget to check it out.

Visual improvements:

Minor visual improvements that don't impact the aesthetics of the game:

  • Added glow effect to the eyes of the Imps so you can spot them easier in dark areas, this is done to make fighting in dark less frustrating.
  • Disabled gibbing for the weaker weapons such as the Fists and Pistol (because It didn't make any sense)
  • Accurate camera bobbing that matches with the player's speed and Footsteps (requires new save or loading next level).
  • Added dynamic light effect to the projectiles of the Plasma gun.
  • Improved vision by disabling the smoke particles for the grabbed particles for Resurrection of Evil's grabber, to help solve problems of not being able to view the target because of the projectiles blocking the view.
  • Increased recoil time of the Rocket launcher to make the screen effect appear slower and smoother.
  • Reduced recoil time of the Machine gun to make it less painful to the eye to fire.
  • Added recoil effect to fists to give punching a little sense of weight.
  • Adjusted chaingun viewmodel to make it shake less when moving to left and right.
  • Cleaned up, higher quality versions of some of the sound effects. no new sounds, simply higher quality versions of the default ones.

Fixes and Adjustments:

Little tweaks and adjustments that don't affect the gameplay in a major way:

  • Slightly Increased punching melee distance to make it less awkward to use.
  • Slightly sped-up the reload animation of the pistol to make it feel less sluggish.
  • Slightly changed spread values of the Shotgun to make it slightly more effective in mid-range, no longer need to shove it in the face of your enemies to make it worth a damn.

A.I and Difficulty improvements:

Minor tweaks to the A.I and Difficulty to make some of the enemies more threatening and make veteran difficulty more challenging:

  • Wraiths no longer stop moving while turning invisible or visible, this should make them more threatening.
  • Arch-viles can now use their classic "Incinerate" attack a bit more frequently instead of just "Firewall" and "Resurrection" just like it should have been.
  • Cyberdemon now moves, attacks and reacts slightly faster, this won't make the Final Battle too tough but it should be less of a cakewalk now.
  • Reduced the amount of ammunition received throughout the game so the player doesn't get excessive amount of ammo (BFG Edition should have reduced it, not increase it)
  • Adjusted how the armor absorbs damage on Veteran difficulty by making it drain faster thus making armor pickups more useful and valuable.

These subtle updates will hopefully make the game more enjoyable, challenging and immersive without changing it too much.

Other recommended mods that work with D3FE:

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D3FE - Comparison

News 2 comments

By the popular demand, Here's a video showcasing all the changes in Doom 3 Fixed edition (v0.5) and how they compare to their original state.

UPDATE: this video is recorded using v0.5 and doesn't showcase the new additions in the latest version.

v0.5 is now available to download, make sure to grab it.

D3FE - Doom 3 Fixed Edition v0.5

D3FE Released

D3FE Released

News 1 comment

The tlme has come for this mod to escape development phase.

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D3FE - Doom 3 Fixed Edition v1.6

D3FE - Doom 3 Fixed Edition v1.6


v1.6 Update, Fixed melee Zombies not working as intended.

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Thank you for saving my Doom 3 experience. I mean that.

Long post ahead, so skip to the end for a TL;DR.

Being a long time doom fan, I recently got the Doom 3 BFG edition for the additional content it provides for the classic games, such as the episode No Rest for the Living for Doom II. Also, I figured I'd finally get around to playing Doom 3 since back in 2004 I kind of ignored it, being too busy with WoW at the time, and using a lot of my allowance money to pay for the subscription instead of getting new games back when I was 14.

After finishing NRFTL and the bonus levels, it was time for Doom 3. However, I was extremely dissatisfied with how badly it performed, mostly because the BFG edition is a terrible port. So, I decided to bite the bullet and buy the OG version of Doom 3. Got it running with a source port and all was well. However, the gameplay had me so frustrated, I nearly uninstalled it with the intention of never playing it again.

Now, don't get me wrong, I enjoy challenge. I finished Doom 1, 2 and Final Doom in the Black Metal Difficulty of the Brutal Doom mod. I also finished Doom 2016 in Nightmare. Doom 3 in veteran isn't hard, it's just irritating. From the rifle hilariously missing every shot while your enemies shoot at you with perfect accuracy, to the shotgun basically requiring you to stab enemies with it to be effective, I was ready to yank all the hair out of my head. I don't mind the ambushes, I don't mind the fact that you can't see your enemies or have to choose between the flashlight and your weapon. Hell, I kinda love that, to be honest. But Doom 3 was fundamentally flawed in it's gunplay. While in previous games, you had to know your arsenal and switch weapons to handle a specific situation better, I often felt that I was forced to use the rifle, plasma rifle or chaingun because of their higher fire rate, just so I can hope to kill everything on screen before my life was reduced to zero in a single closet spawn, which was often.

Enter this mod, and my whole experience has changed. Doom 3 remains difficult in veteran, but now I don't feel as frustrated. Shooting is fun, balanced, and effective without compromising the challenge of the mode. I don't have to pray for the best in every new room. I feel more in control of my shooting, and also find myself switching often between all my available weapons to better fit the situation I encounter. I also rely less on saving than before. Now, when I lose a bunch of health (which still happens often, mind you) I feel like it's 100% my fault and not the result of some ambush where every bullet of my rifle missed, or that my inconsistent shotgun blast simply decided to tickle demons at medium range.


Was about to give up on Doom 3 since Gunplay was frustrating for me, but this mod fixed this by making shooting more balanced without compromising the difficulty.

Good job. This mod deserves more love.

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Is this for BFG Ed or original?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
lost_acs Creator

Original, but you can use "Classic RBDoom3BFG" to run it on BFG Edition I think.

Reply Good karma+4 votes
lost_acs Creator

Someone rated this 1? lol why :(

Reply Good karma+3 votes

Purists ruin a lot of things :/

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes

Hy. I think you also have to correct the pistol sound to sync it with the animation. Corpses should not disappear and be shootable...
Great work!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
lost_acs Creator

I have modified some of the weaker weapons like the fists, pistol and the mg so they don't "gib" enemies but haven't made demon corpses not fade away because I thought that's part of the game's character so I left it the way it is. Ungibbable mod is available though and it does that if you really want it :)

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You really need to make a video showcasing all the things you've changed.
Otherwise people have trouble picturing what those changes actually mean.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
lost_acs Creator

I'll try to record something, but my video editing skills are terrible.

Reply Good karma+2 votes

That's OK, maybe a comparison with vanilla would help emphasise the changes.

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