Don`t play with HELL - Black Edition (official abbreviation: DPWH-BE) is a single-player story-based FPS game in the DOOM universe of ID Software. Creating DPWH-BE, the author wanted to demonstrate to the world DOOM community a new quality of gameplay and visuals that became possible due to the latest updates of GZDoom 3+.

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love it!

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I think that the current complaints about the mod are somewhat uncalled-for. I can understand that people don't like Black Edition but to give a straight 1/10 for that one reason without considering what other things it has to offer is just childish. Anyway, let's get to the review... It's quite awesome to see the quality that community-driven work can have, if there is something that I found outstanding in this mod is the level design, there are sections which could be described as "Doom 3-ish…

Oct 1 2017 by Cyborg_Putin