This total conversion mod ("DH:A" for short) is based off of a sci-fi world that I created myself - Dominions and Heavens (TM). All new factions, units, maps, and sounds are in the mod. I am very excited to release it. All original content copyrighted by Christian Basar. DH:A's gameplay is exactly like the original Star Trek: Armada. Anyone familiar with the original game wlll have no problem playing the mod. DH:A is, however, much faster-paced and more intense than the original game, thanks to faster firing weapons and difficult AI. You can play this mod against CPU-controlled enemies. But you shall also be able to play it against human opponents. I have been working on this mod for years and hope to release it sometime this year. A website is planned, as well. Until then, check out gameplay videos at my YouTube channel:

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Watch DH:A Mercenary units in action against Wok'lak'a enemies

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DH:A will feature mercenary (or "merc") units on some maps. The merc races replace the original game's non-playable races. Just like the mod's four main races, merc races have their own special abilities, advantages, and weaknesses. Merc ships often take less time to deploy than the main races' vessels.

To hire merc units, the player must capture derelict "shipyards." Then these shipyards must be defended in order to keep mercenary units coming in.

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