Divide and Conquer is the biggest Third Age total War submod of all time. We have recently released DaC V2.0 (on March 3rd, 2018) which has been in development for a full year. DaC V2.0 has a lot of new features and content from all aspects of the game such as new units, new campaign strategy map models, new scripts, new battlemaps, and much. We hope you all enjoy DaC V2.0!

Kark-Jocke says

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Divide and Conquer V1.01 / Submod for Third Age Total war.

I now play this SubMod a little more than a month now and is absolutely incredible surprised how much extra stuff you get, full of new units, castle, heroes, new team and so on. But I'm also surprised how many crash and error situations I've got. Many times the game crash and tell " encountered unspecified error will now exit " or the game just exit itself right away. Everytime I play Isengard and the Ents attack my fortress, I can't play in close fight or the Mod will just crashed and the quick match don't work.

I also found a lot of places where it needs a fix, where units go in the opposite direction, siege tower bugs as you can see here " I.imgur.com " and when I play the map to take over the world and I get hold of Sauron after I've handed the ring back to Mordor. I can't play close combat with him. I've found a lot more bugs/error, but all I can say is that this mod must be checked and be fixed for all of this situations. It's no fun and try to take over Middle Earth if errors like this is in the way.

Aside from crashes and error, I will give this SubMod of 8/10 for now, I know they are currently working towards V1.1 / So I will give a new review for that one, when it comes out.

Keep up the good work D&C Team!

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This mod has completely changed my outlook on Medieval 2 total war. The map, units, music and factions are all amazing. I think if J.R.R Tolkien liked PC video games, this would be his all time favorite!

Awesome job!

Jan 6 2014 by Sgt.Price