Divide and Conquer is the biggest Third Age: Total War submod. The latest release was V4.5 on 12th April 2020. DaC V4.5 has a lot of new features and content from all aspects of the game. We hope you all enjoy DaC!

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Galudirithon Head of DaC
May 19 2018 Anchor


Within this sanctified space you may let your minds run wild and to such an extent that would be curtailed elsewhere! In plain English that means that this thread can be used for proposing any ideas you have for DaC. They can then be easily grouped in a single location and others can then see if someone hasn't already suggested what they want.

There are of course some provisos and some helpful information for you:
1) There is only room for 4 more units in the entire mod
2) There are no more available regions - if you propose a new region you need to also say what region should be cut to facilitate the new one.
3) Whilst scripting has become available to us once again we do already have a weighty tome of scripting tasks for racer so I would ask that you temper your desires. This means that we are unlikely to entertain any 'heavy scripting' ideas.
5) We will not add any new factions

Please note that every single comment will be read but we simply don't have time to say 'yay or nay' to everyone so if your comment receives no reply then that is because we are either mulling it over; it may have been asked already or we feel it has no merit. We will try to respond to you all but this is simply not possible.

DaC Council


Aug 11 2018 Anchor

Hi here small suggestion:

Could the installation setup contain a prescript such as.

remove_readonly.bat :

attrib -r Third_Age_3\*.* /s

Would it be possible to have all the files including the 3.2Mos in a git repos ? That would be much easier to update.

Dec 10 2018 Anchor

Mae Govannan

Big grats for introducing a new faction - Snow Orks of Gundabad! Plus overhaul of other factions, notably Angmar.

I average about 20-30 hours a week playing your mod. If you ever need proof reading for scripts regards units I can highlight the few written errors I come across. They are minimal but I have the kind of brain that sees them instantly.

Many thanks for your craftsmanship.

Oct 7 2019 Anchor

Can you please reduce the time it takes to recruit units or retrain them. It takes way to long to make any progress. Good mod but my god is it extremely slow.

Oct 28 2019 Anchor

Hi people !

Firstly, let me tell you that your mod is a true masterpiece. It's been hours of wonderfull fun for me since the first version, so thanks you so much for your work.

However, i have a very unusual issue since i install V3 (I play on the CD version). The install process went just fine, the game runs as well, everything Ok. BUT, after i quit the game, I noticed that my kingdoms.exe file is missing ! just disappeared of my MTW2 folder. I try to duplicate the medieval2.exe and rename but, when I tryed to rename, i have a popup message from windows telling me that the access is denied for kingdoms (but i can give it whatever other name !)

Any idea ? I can't find anything online.

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