Divide and Conquer is the biggest Third Age: Total War submod. The latest release was V4.5 on 12th April 2020. DaC V4.5 has a lot of new features and content from all aspects of the game. We hope you all enjoy DaC!

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Galudirithon Head of DaC
May 19 2018 Anchor

Hereafter follows a list of all known bugs in V2.1 of Divide and Conquer. If you report a bug and it does not make it onto this list, then it is NOT A BUG!

Bug List:

  • None

Features (not bugs):

  • Ost Sul has the Amon Sul battlemap when it is a village

F.A.Q. (Extra Information):

  • You cannot reforge Arnor in Divide and Conquer. The Northern Dúnedain faction have most of the Arnorian units plus a unique global recruitment system involving all human factions.
  • To play normal settlements in custom battle, follow these instructions
  • You must use Notepadd++ to edit ANY DaC files
  • Glorfindel rejoins Imladris after 30-50 turns.
  • You cannot use custom settlements in custom battle.
  • The barracks event happens between turns 60-64.
  • Good nations can declare war on other good nations and bad nations can declare war on bad nations.
  • A full list of console commands can be found here and are EXTREMELY useful for crash avoidance.

Most Common 'Random' Crash Cause:

  • You did not run the installation parts as an administrator.
  • You haven't disabled UAC or deleted the VirtualStore Med2 entry - Please see the download sticky thread.
  • AI Sieges - If you get a crash during the end turn cycle then reload the autosave and end turn again. You should be able to see whose turn is causing the crash. Now reload your autosave and 'toggle_fow', then head over to the offending faction and find out if they are besieging or are under siege and move the besieging army in either case with the 'move_character' command. Now you should be able to progress just fine.

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Sep 29 2018 Anchor

Hello mates can someone help me? Iam playing this 2.1 version and its 5/5 , i just have a little bug, iam playing with Gondor, and i defeted Haradrim, Mordor and the Ar-Adunaim , but when i conquer the last city of Ar-Adunaim the game tells that i finish and if i want to continue, but the game frezzes on that point, can someone help me? Sorry my bad english, cheers

Apr 14 2019 Anchor

Could use a link to a new full list of console commands that are actually usable in the mod since most of em don't work.

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