Divide and Conquer is the biggest Third Age: Total War submod. The latest release was V4.5 on 12th April 2020. DaC V4.5 has a lot of new features and content from all aspects of the game. We hope you all enjoy DaC!

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Galudirithon Head of DaC
May 19 2018 Anchor


Here I have housed all of the credits, permissions and inclusion that DaC has. If you feel we have used your work without due diligence then please contact me immediately.

Permissions and Contributions:
Louis Lux - Base model and textures of Imladris Guards/Riders
LU BU And Louis Lux - Half-orc faces and skin
Devil's Advocate - Bree Custom Settlement
MIKE GOLF - For many new region descriptions, provided to DaC.
King Kong and team - For Third Age and permissions.
AdmiralThrawn- Angmar unit models
Marka Barded Horse project by the Ruisichi team and edited by AnthoniusII then by Paradamed.
xHolyCrusader - Faction introduction videos
T&D - 'Great Beasts of Gorgoroth' textures
Araval - Custom portraits for Angmar and general help over the years
Europa Barbarum II - Nomadic and Barbarian Towns
z3n - Battle AI & Campaign AI

Included Sub-Mods Credits:
Elphir of Dol Amroth and team - Vale of Anduin Faction
koultouras and team - Forgotten Realms of Middle-earth
alleycat - Parts of Turtle Mod Revolution
Taro_M - Parts of New Units for Gondor
Spice Master and team - Dynamic Garrison Script
leo.civil.uefs and team - 4.4 Unofficial Patch
Chainsaw Schmalz - Trait and Ancillary description fixes
Ngugi - Tolkien Quotes Submod
Spice Master and Mike Golf - New general name lists
T&D & Team and Lü Bu - Parts of Big Unit Submod (Mordor Uruks, Uruk Halberds, Uruk Archers, Archers of the Eye, Angmar Heavy Uruks, Barrow-Wights, Gothmog, Eomer)
Wyruzzah - Orc Portraits
Hero of the West - Small Projects Mod
Dunland Rises and Aragorn RPG concept by Hero of the West, leader of the Massive Overhaul Submod
Farmhand units taken from the Turtlemod
Parts of the corsair units and others taken from a Mount & Blade mod 'The Last Days'
Many unit bases taken from Ruisichi Total War
Araval and El_Bucle for the Dwarven Officer


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