Disturbed Dimensions - Quantum Shift is a mod for command and conquer - red alert 2 - Yuri’s Revenge

The mod is focused on bringing three factions from Doctor Who into The Red Alert Universe.

The Dalek Empire, The Cyberiad and UNIT.

Each faction will have their own unique units, Building, graphics, and voice acting.

If all things go to plan eventually a campaign will be made to go along with the mod!

Once everything has been added, more factions may be added at a later date to liven the mod up even more!

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To begin, this mod has been under continuous development since it was posted.

Since then, we have gained and lost members of the team, though currently this team only stands at around 3 members who are mainly artists.
If you have an interest in this modification, please join us in the dedicated discord server link below, thank you!

Colored TItle

For our first real update here on Moddb, I have decided to post a simple changelog of what has currently been done so far. This will include small and big changes, so prepare for a large wall of text. Following the changelog will be a detailed paragraph about the future of this project and the plans currently.

Enjoy reading!


  • Added Dalek, Supreme Dalek and Special Weapons Dalek Voxels, credit to ErastusMercy

All Hail The Dalek Empire

  • Changed most UI names to fit their new roles, such as Dalek Robomen and other units.
  • Switched most of all weapons to prism and lunar lasers for accuracy.
  • Lowered and raised speed, accuracy, damage, health and other factors for most of all units.
  • Inserted tracks from Universe at war, other command and conquer games and Frank Klepacki's Music for each faction's Soundtrack
  • Changed Loading Screens for both Soviets and Yuri to fit with their new faction identities.



  • Changed string IDs for all instances of "Soviets" and "Yuri" to their new IDs.

New sides

  • Created and implemented new cameos for each side, though currently a work in progress.

Dalek sidebar
Cyb side

  • Implemented the cosmonaut into the Soviet Arsenal to be remade into the Cyberwing.
  • Edited a Kirov voxel to create the Cybus Mind Control Blimp, credit to the original creator

Cybus Blimps

  • Assigned a robot voxel to the Apocalypse Tank as a placeholder for the Cyberking.


  • Edited the current Dalek Voxels and created the Temporal Dalek armed with a Temporal Cannon
    Credit to ErastusMercy for the original


  • Added two new Tank voxels as placeholders for the Cybermen's vehicles.
  • Began adding placeholder voiceovers for both sides, made of the old doctor who games sounds.
  • Reduced the price of Dalek forces in an attempt to balance the current mod, the attempt failed...

Daleks vs Cybermen

That's It... So far!

But! We plan to continue development obviously. This is just a report to let those of you who are following know what we are up to and to let people see what we've been doing, besides silly little screenshots!

The plan for the "future" aka the rest of this year and however long this whole project takes is to keep updating the mod, with new content and new units.

Right now the team has decided that each side will be split in two, each with two sub-factions that will fill different roles for each.

The sub-factions being...




The Basic Defense of Earth focused on Firepower and earthly weapons.


1200px Torchwood logo svg

The More advanced defense of Earth making use of alien weaponry and technology



Dalek Logo 1

Daleks based on the technologies that they know best, founded on the old ways.


Paradigm Dalek Symbol

The new Dalek paradigm, unafraid to try new technology and forms of war from psychic to experimental.



Cybus Symbol

Cybermen from a parallel universe, less technologically advanced and more focused on deleting their enemies.



The original Cybermen from Mondas, have upgraded themselves to where they are able to upgrade all lifeforms making them a serious threat. Able to repair their damages just by using their enemy's forces.

But that is in the future, of course, Thank you for reading!

Of course, if things go to plan and all of the current plans are completed.. well...

I guess we'll just have to wait and see...

- NitroTech, Head of Disturbed Dimensions - Quantum Shift





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it seems that I commented in the wrong page :P nice mod btw

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NitroTech Creator

As Owner of this Mod, I would like to say it's not dead, I'm just too busy with other projects.

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