Dino D-Day is an exciting new First Person Shooter from 800 North (AKA Digital Ranch Interactive). This is an HL2:OB mod that has served as a prototype for a commercial release we are currently in the final stages of preparing. It is playable though we have not been supporting it for several months as we've focused all of our efforts on the commercial product. The commercial release is slated for March 1, 2011 only on Steam. It is a fast-paced multiplayer game with 12 playable classes including 3 dinosaurs. You've played World War II games...but have you played a World War II game with dinosaurs?

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Nov 18 2009 Anchor

Ok so I just downloaded, installed fine.

But there is no shortcut in games in steam!


Wow it seems you need Episode 2??

Nov 18 2009 Anchor

Or the Source SDK Base - Orange Box (Free)

Nov 19 2009 Anchor

Try AppId 218 in gameinfo.txt

Dec 13 2009 Anchor

c_b_fofep wrote: Try AppId 218 in gameinfo.txt

What do I do with that? I tried adding a line under the SteamAppId 420 and ToolsAppId 211 lines, with just AppId, or SteamAppId, or ToolsAppId 218, and none of them worked. I also tried changing the SteamAppId 420 number to 218 and the ToolsAppId 211 to 218, and neither worked. Am I missing something obvious?

Feb 6 2010 Anchor

Change the "SteamAppId 420" number to 218 and the ToolsAppId 211 to 218 and then restart your steam. It worked for me.

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