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Dino Crisis Source. Remake of the Dino Crisis 1 game from PS1 / PC.

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Possible Co-op? (Games : Half-Life 2: Episode Two : Mods : Dino Crisis 1 Source : Forum : What would you like to see from the mod? : Possible Co-op?) Locked
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Mar 20 2012 Anchor

Read title if you didn't. :)

Apr 10 2012 Anchor

Hey dude
Sorry it has taken me a while to reply. Moddb does not tell me when someone has posted in the forum for some strange reason. Co-op at the moment is something we are not considering mainly because we want to get the main mod (story) completed. It is posssibly something we could work on afterwards but at the moment we are sticking to the original plan which is single player story.

Jul 18 2012 Anchor

That's fair but if and when the mod is done you could take in consideration the following Coop style of game:

First things first:
1. We know that the game features 3 main characters.
2. Mainly the characters start the game as a team and from the same location
3. The next thing is they get some "tasks" assigned for each one of them and split up
4. You, the main character follow your path, while the others disappear following their own paths
5. After you complete a "task" (chapter) the characters reunite and take over from step 3.

What if Rick and Gail would also be playable characters... ?
So in the above chain, after you hit step 5 you may have the option to replay or not as Rick or Gail ?
Also, if you chosen to replay as Rick, after you finish his path, you may want to replay as Gail as well...
And so on for the further chapters until the game ends (3 times :D)

This above will be an "improved" single player version of the game. But... the final purpose would be other:
To have a coop capable game.
Whenever a player/2 players want/s, he/they could join the party and take control over Rick or Gail and finish the assigned "task/s"
For the game to continue to another level/chapter all players must gather in the same room/location (specific ones in some cases)
A nice feature in this case would be that the players would be able to chat when they're in the same room or from close by rooms/locations.
For players to chat from far distances they need to find/use radio equipment (portable) or in specific locations stationary equipment.

Jul 18 2012 Anchor


May 20 2013 Anchor

Co-op = less scary

If you should create a good scary coop game, then it should not be the "stay together" type. If the horror should work you have to split up and meet up a different place. Like when Rick and Gail has two different solutions and you have to choose which one you agree.

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