Dibella's Watch adds an entire new continent to Oblivion. It comes complete with a major city, castles, towns, villages, farms, monasteries and all the good stuff that makes up a Medieval landscape. There's also fighting to be had and quests to be made!

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Easy answers on questions like installation and gameplay.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When I enter Dibella's Watch, there's no land and no houses just trees and doors hanging over water!

A: Very well. Like this:

1. Download and Install Oblivion Mod Manager (OBMM). This is a most common and handy utility for working with and ordering mod files in Oblivion. I supplied the download link in the previous post. If you're having problems with OBMM, please refer to their forum and ask them for help.

2. Open OBMM.

3. Select DibellasWatch.esm. Confirm that it is activated.

4. Move it up or down by pressing the Move Up or Move Down buttons accordingly.

5. Place DibellasWatch.esm right UNDER Oblivion.esm near the top of the list of files (The list of files in OBMM is the order in which mods are loaded when you start the game. This is called the "load order").

Q: I have another land mod in the first plugin-slot already!

A: Like Dibella' s watch, others lands like "SOVVM" or "The lost province of Zedar" need an esm just after the oblivion esm. If we don't do it, the result is always the same: we arrive in water with trees in the air. As i say, it's just a choice. If i decide to go to Dibella 's watch i put them esm of dibella just after the oblivion esm before playing in the OBMM. If i want to go to to another world , i put the esm of the new world just after oblivion esm and dibella's watch to the next place. (This answer credited to Marmotte)

Q: All distant land is Rainbow Coloured!

A: You're running the game on medium settings. Turn it up high.

Q: My computer cannot handle high.

A: LOD textures work on medium and low settings if they are saved without mip-mapping. I re-saved your LOD textures without mipmapping and all rainbows are gone. (This answer credited to goran777)

Q: The dialogue text flashes past too fast for me to read!

A: OBSE (http://obse.silverlock.org/) with ELYS (http://www.tesnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=16622) is required for the silent voice.

OBSE ELYS comes with only an eight second file for silent voices. Since this mod involves a lot of written dialogue, you might want to use the longer silent voice file which is also supplied with this mod in the "DWOptional" folder. Copy the file to your Oblivion/Data/OBSE/Plugins folder. This will replace the eight second file with a twenty second. Backup the original file in the folder by renaming it.

Q: what is a clean save and how do I create it?

A: A Clean save will be required for characters who have been on the continent of Dibella's Watch and you're upgrading from a previous version of the mod and installing the new version. 1. Take your character out of Dibella's Watch and into Tamriel worldspace. 2. Save. 3. Exit the game and deactivate all files associated with Dibella's Watch in OBMM (esm's and esp's). 4. Go into the game again and sae your character while in Tamriel. 5. Activate all the files again, including the update and play.

Q: That means the clean save will eradicate all my progress in Dibella's Watch, but I'd really like to continue with my existing progress intact!

A: It is possible, but it will demand a bit of extra work on your part. TheRomans has researched, and found out the following: It mostly works with an old character and no clean save. Three glitches:

1. The door to Binka Ahrn's house in Al Raj is stuck in its old position.

2. If you have already done the old Freeing Al Raj quest, a topic and quest update will be bypassed in the new The Lawman of Al Raj quest. You can fix this by, after the quest has started and you are at stage 10, BEFORE you talk to Crusader Otho in Al Raj, do a setstage DibCru03 20. You get the quest udpate and the topic is not needed anyway because it is obsolete if you have already done the Freeing Al Raj quest. When you then talk to him you will get the topic about the Freeing Al Raj being complete and go to stage 30.

3. If Crusader Lieutenat Farlen is not essential, you need to set him essential (otherwise the 5th crusader quest will not work) If you do not have a mod that lets you set NPCs essential in game, use the console
setessential 01005d91 1. The load order index comes from the dibella's watch .esm (not the .esp) and assumes you are loading it right after the oblivion .esm

I was not getting the the topic 'alternativemissions' with the crusader lord to start the Vasthelm quests, which logically look like they should be done before the last 2 crusader quests, so I added the topic with xx020862 xx being the load index from the .esp (not the .esm).

(Thanks to TheRomans for the above!)

Q: I'm having problems with missing land meshes AND I am using Wrye Bash.

A: You need to tag DibellasWatch.esm as:


And Dibellas Watch Additions.esp with:


Then you need to rebuild your Bash Patch. Activating them in the Import Cell section. (This answer credited to Xtudo)

Q: How do I start the Main Quest!?

A: Travel to Shardville. You'll be approached by an orc, starting the MQ. If there's no Orc, for some reason, or you've already killed him before he can start the conversation, search for a note lying in the stairs beside the dead governor.

Q: How do I get to start the Västhelm expansion quest?

A: you must sign up to become a Crusader at Castle Saint Graecius. When you've earned your place in the Crusader ranks, you can ask the Crsader Lord for Alternative Missions, starting your journey to Västhelm.

Q: Is this mod compatible with OOO and the like?

A: Yes it is. Dibella's Watch adds its own worldspace and OOO and its like edits existing Tamriel worldspace.

Q: Why is my wife's Facebook not similar to what I have? I've tried pressing the little blip, but the picture is still not there and I see something blue on my login instead. Is it perhaps on the harddrive or is it in the whole internet?

A: Check that the chord is in the wall.



Following are some recommendations on mods and actions you can apply to make Dibella's Watch look even more impressive and behave in a totally different way.


Dibella's Watch Alternative Start: Tesnexus.com


Enhanced Water v 2.0: Tesnexus.com You can try enabling the extra water reflections by modifying your oblivion.ini (Documents and Settings\[User]\My Documents\My Games\Oblivion). Backup the ini first in case you screw up! Change the following values as shown: bUseWaterReflectionsMisc=1, bUseWaterReflectionsStatics=1, bUseWaterReflectionsTrees=1, bUseWaterReflectionsActors=1.

Darker Nights: Tesnexus.com
Beaming Sun Glare: Tesnexus.com


Female: HGEC --- Tesnexus.com
Male: Robert's Male Body V5 --- Tesnexus.com


Sensual Walks for Female NPC's: Tesnexus.com
NPC Face Colour Unlocker: Tesnexus.com
Better Looking Woodelves: Tesnexus.com


Dibella's Watch CM Partners: Tesnexus.com


Being one of the people who pestered you with a bunch of these questions I'm glad you published the answers! Good job! The additional recommendations are a nice touch as well.

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