Diablo Awake - is a mod for the first Diablo, which introduces many changes into the game. Awake Mod, is also only Diablo 1 mod based on the newest official Blizzard patch v1.09. Newly set up story shows us further fate of the World of Sanctuary, after Baal has been killed and the Worldstone destroyed. The main changes Awake makes are adding new monsters/bosses, spells, new quests, normal items and unique items. Values of prefixes and suffixes has been modified, the difficult of the game has increased and few bugs that were present in Diablo 1 were fixed, such as duplicate bug, flash bug, invisible walls in hell, etc.one of the feature of Diablo awake is shared experience, gained from monsters, over the players what makes cooperative and online game much more fun. Improved monster status bar is also an interesting extras which allows to see current HP of the monster and ever HP and Resist/Immune of Bosses. All shrines which takes away base mana points has been removed.

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Diablo The Awakening - the only Diablo 1 mod based on the newset official Blizzard patch v1.09 that offers many interesting improvements and amenities to the game mechanics of Diablo

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General features

  • Game difficulty increased
  • Mod based on the newest official Blizzard patch v1.09
  • Changes in minimal and maximal values of characters attributes
  • Slightly improved speed of attack (Mage, swords only)
  • Slightly improved casting speed of Warrior
  • Improved Item-Display in shops
  • Highlighted items when map is on
  • Changed valued of affixes
  • New Storyline
  • New spells
  • New monsters
  • New unique monsters
  • New base items
  • New unique items
  • New quests
  • New graphics
  • New music
  • New sounds
  • New movies
  • Shared Experience
  • Few map bugs fixed, such as holes in walls (Hell)
  • Spell in "starting" Mage staff is changed from Charged Bold to Holy bolt
  • In multiplayer game, characters are now saying the same thing when entering levels 1,5,9,13 as in singleplayer.
  • Amor Class & To Hit Overflow Fix
  • Disable New Game & Exit Diablo when dead
  • New character statistics
  • New monster statistics
  • Improved Monsters Attacks
  • Item display on ground
  • Can't Enter Town Portal if Character lvl < Dungeon lvl
  • No books from bosses
  • Monster with immune/resist for magic are also immune/resist to Stone Curse
  • Spells hotkeys are now available also from F1 to F4
  • Increased value of one pile of gold to 65000
  • Changes look of Tristram
  • Stash is added, now YOU can store your items!
  • Duping bug fix
  • Flash bug fix (damage given is the same in every direction)
  • New colour palette in Tristram amd some dungeon levels
  • New NPC
  • New graphics of NPC
  • New objects in Tristram
  • Relocated NPC
  • Improved Monster and Boss-display
  • The Mod has its own private Battle.Net server and its gateways is separate from Diablo Retail gateway.
  • Protocol UDP is added to multiplayer
  • Change data of some spells
  • Monsters HP in single player is now the same as Monster HP in multiplayer
  • 255 Monsters HP limit has been removed
  • Fixed animations and graphics of few monsters
  • Some of negative shrines has been removed (shrines that takes away base mana)

And many other features
Diablo 1 Mod Awakening


what do you need to play this mod?

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Noktis Author

Computer :P

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beer & computer :)*

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Noktis Author

Pelagius ^^

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should make character/item display more like diablo 2's

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