Diablo Infernity searches to add things to enhance d1 gameplay. The mod allows you to import your vanilla character and continue playing! Right now Infernity contains both the original game and an additional difficulty level. Until you reach that new difficulty, you are having 100% vanilla experience + Quality of Life enhancements (alt highlighting items, monster health bar, additional inventory tabs etc.). The real fun begins after level 30, when you can access hell and inferno difficulties. On Inferno magic and unique items can have an additional affix, which doesn't follow the usual limitations - for example you could get a ring with +2 to spells or 300% damage to demons. For latest release visit the github website, updates are being released almost daily! Also there's an accurate changelog / featurelist there : ) You can find the mod on reddit and github, where you can find latest release and accurate changelog/feature list. Just google "github infernity" Have fun! Qndel

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Diablo 1: Infernity



GitHub: Github.com

Reddit: reddit

Discord: Discord

The version here has hardcoded 1280x960 resolution, for different resolutions, visit discord!


The work on rewriting infernity 2 to come back better and stronger than ever has begun!

Check discord to see planned feature list and more!


  • A new difficulty called Inferno.
  • Because the diabloui.dll hasn't been reverse-engineered, I've decided to use a trick to replace hell difficulty with a new one, to do it, create a file named enable_inferno in your Diablo folder and choose "hell" difficulty in the difficulty selection menu.
  • Special items with 3 affixes can drop there.
  • The third affix will only drop if the item has a suffix and a prefix. Additional affix doesn't follow the regular prefix/suffix rules, which mean that combinations that weren't possible before can occur.
  • Compatibility with vanilla, but sadly in one direction = you can move your vanilla character to infernity, but if you move character from infernity to vanilla, items will morph like crazy (This is because inferno items have increased level to enable them to get the "dead" affixes (the ones you could only get from Wirt)
  • Running in town/dungeon
  • Highlighting enemies in combat
  • A config to enable or disable stuff
  • Fully shared xp - you don't need to poke or even be close! Seems in vanilla diablo the xp would be divided between the killers. In Infernity everyone gets 100% xp, so splitting to clear faster might be a good idea ;)
  • Black death doesn't permanently decrease health anymore!
  • Added xp bar
  • Minimap is shared between players
  • Gold pile max size increased to 60k (Can't be more because of variable type - at least for now)
  • Shop selection stays after buying item (it used to reset to first top item before)
  • Shift clicking potions in inventory adds them to belt
  • Remove/change permanent negative shrines (In general, things permanently damaging your character)
  • Show shrine effect in the description
  • Expand inventory (4tabs, switch by clicking on the icon or shift+1/2/3/4)
  • Make the map revealed by the shrine have a different color
  • Add monster resistances/immunities on the health bar
  • Show other players on minimap
  • Items won't drop on death
  • Diablo will drop items on all difficulties
  • Showing current/max on health/mana orbs
  • Alternate weapon slot + switching between weapons
  • Fixed duping
  • HD
  • Stash
This Week In Mods: March 10 2019

This Week In Mods: March 10 2019

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The biggest mod stories for the week of March 10 2019.

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Full Version 6 comments

Infernity HD version (OMG! :D) - this one is 1280x960 - don't forget to change ddraw settings (in game press ~ and choose the correct resolution) More...

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This mod will be perfect when working with hellfire expansion. At least the highlighting and inventory implementations.

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So the stash is just for each character ? Can't i use it to pass the itens between characters?

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This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.


I git the GOG Diablo Version. When i start your mod, the Game is in small Windoe, how can i go fullscreen?

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qndel Creator

enter game, press scroll lock for settings

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Is this Infernity mod still being worked on? Diablo 1 is still my favorite game in the series, and I've always wanted new content, but as another person stated, too many mods change too much of the core game which ruins the experience for me. I see this mod is going the HD route, which is fine, but honestly I'd be happy if the graphics were left completely alone...HD isn't a deal breaker, though. People seem to love the Belzebub mod, and it seems competently made, but I've never liked how it seems to drop magic and unique items very frequently, even on Normal mode. One of the things I always liked about D1 is how hard it is to find really good magic items, so when you do you really feel like you earned it.

I really liked Belzebub's inclusion of all the NPC's and quests that were cut from the original release of the game. I would love to be able to play these "lost" quests in a more vanilla version of the game. I like Infernity's inclusion of a difficulty mode beyond Hell, as it would give players another goal. IDK if it's possible as I'm not a programmer in the slightest, but I always thought it would be cool to use the levels from Hellfire as post Diablo levels...So after you defeat Diablo in level 16 of Hell it would open up a gateway to another 8 levels deeper into the catacombs of the game. Instead of having their entrances added to the areas in Tristram, such as the first bridge to Adria.

Anyway, I've always wanted Blizzard to release an official patch or dlc that includes all new weapons, armor, items, etc, and maybe even re-implement a lot of the content that was cut from the game...Hellfire was a crappy excuse for an expansion, removing multiplayer entirely and adding almost nothing in terms of new content. The Monk was a pointless class.

I would love to see a new class, perhaps a Cleric-type class...I've always liked the way the Warrior avatar looks when wearing chain mail...That's how I envision the Cleric looking.

I hope you haven't given up on your mod...I'm always looking for new ways to play one of my all time favorite games.

- Old School Radical Gamer Dude

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qndel Creator

not giving up on anything, I'm working on a lot of d1 stuff :P

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I've just recently downloaded this mod and I'm playing co op- Everything seems great but theres a bug where if a non host player dies the entire games bugs out and softlocks. Whats up with this?

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qndel Creator

no idea :)

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Ah ok. I've been using the mod in solo and it seems mostly fine but we had to stop using it for co op.

Basically when I host and have someone else join, everything seems to work fine until the other person dies, where then I can't move or take damage or anything like that, I'm just stuck there. When they respawn they do so as a dead body in tristram, and the only way to fix this is to restart the game, and we lose our gear.

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