The most advanced TQ mod to date, Diablo 2 Immortal introduces unique new skill mechanics and elaborate balance systems to combine what people loved about Diablo 2 with the possibilities of Immortal Throne. Play as an Amazon, Barbarian, Sorceress, Necromancer, Assassin or Paladin - or any hybrid combination of them - to experience both games anew.

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At long last, D2I has been combined with Lilith, which creates a total conversion by adding the very parts (new world, new music) that D2I had not touched yet. With it comes version 1.4, bringing new challenges and a complete sound overhaul to fans of the original, along with the ability to add -to any version of Lilith- not only masteries but all the changes featured in D2L simply by ModMerging it.

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Patch 1.40 and Diablo II Lilith

Another streak of working on the mod brings you yet another big update. Though similar in content, version 1.4 comes with some major internal upgrades, most obviously showing in the file size and a lot of new sounds.

The big story, however, is a set of additional files and edits designed to make this version not only fully compatible, but able to apply widespread "Diablofying" changes (like new enemies and bosses) when being merged with the huge and awesome mod that is Mostal's Lilith - Battles of Jalavia.

The result, of course, is Diablo 2 Lilith. The classes and features of D2I, combined with the beautiful world, dark dungeons and original Diablo soundtrack of Lilith, together creating a total conversion of TQIT. All in all it is an expansion upon of at least five mods (D2I and Lilith include parts of Lufe's Allskins, Kirii's UI and Yourfriend's Sound Mod, respectively) with the additional specific improvements added on top, in order to give you the closest thing to Diablo you can get in TQ these days.

And yet it is still a loadable mod, so no installing over your original game or anything. This also allows you to combine it with hard patches like camera mods or of course the Bugfix Fanpatch.

The official D2 Lilith from the downloads is based on "Fast Lilith" which offers quicker gameplay than D2 Immortal while making the many enemies no less dangerous.


Changelog for D2 Immortal 1.31 -> 1.40

  • All known bugs fixed
  • New heroes and quest bosses
  • New guest monster appearances
  • Fixed & distributed Wraith MIs
  • Boss/champion makeovers
  • New & improved effects
  • Major sound redesign (YourFriend's mod)
  • Added "Lilith assimilation code"

Feature List of D2 Lilith

  • Total conversion of TQ to resemble Diablo
  • Five fully playable Diablo 2 classes
  • Original looks, sounds, designs and musical score
  • A huge open world to explore
  • Unique new skill mechanics
  • Javelins and dexterity-based weapons
  • Hybrid character and class mixture support
  • New balance systems, support for "weak" damage types
  • Extra sound overhaul from YourFriend's sound mod
  • A deadly alliance of D2I and Lilith enemies
  • Improved enemy skills and AI
  • Hordes of monsters, more champions
  • New heroes, bosses and items

Some details on the 1.4 improvements can be found here, here and here. For D2I in general, have a look at the Development Thread (or anything in the subforum, really). For everything about Lilith, consult Lilithpedia. For history of D2L, go here.



That really owns man. :)

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Makes me wish I owned Titan Quest, so I could check this out.

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Vio Author

Recently it was on Steam for € 2,50.

But even for 5 or 10 it's more than worth it. TQ is a great, very underrated game.

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