The most advanced TQ mod to date, Diablo 2 Immortal introduces unique new skill mechanics and elaborate balance systems to combine what people loved about Diablo 2 with the possibilities of Immortal Throne. Play as an Amazon, Barbarian, Sorceress, Necromancer, Assassin or Paladin - or any hybrid combination of them - to experience both games anew.

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The long-awaited expansion to Diablo II Immortal lets you play the Assassin or one of 14 derived hybrid classes in TQIT, complete with cool moves, deadly traps and the new "intelligent melee" fighting system.

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Complete Features of v1.30

  • Play IT with Diablo 2 skills!
  • FIVE fully playable D2 classes (out of six planned)
  • Original looks, sounds and designs
  • EVEN MORE unique new skill types
  • Javelin class weapons
  • Hybrid character and class mixture support
  • New balance system, support for "weak" damage types
  • Proper scaling and challenging play across all 12 acts
  • New resistances for all enemies, immunities in Hell
  • New enemy skills and AI
  • Adjusted spawns, guest monsters, more champions
  • New enemies, heroes, bosses and items

Changelog for 1.22 -> 1.30

  • All known bugs fixed
  • Assassin masteries added (30 new skills, 15 classes)
  • Dex-requiring swords and Þx affixes added
  • Relics reworked (elemental damage / racial protection)
  • New item recipies added
  • Adjusted around 300 items to boost fitting D2I skills
  • Included skins for all classes and genders
  • Diablo fonts added
  • Multiplayer summon looks improved
  • Many small fixes and balances


Overview of playable classes in 1.30

Amazon // Nec-Ama + Amazon
Necromancer // Nec-Ama + Necromancer
Sorceress // Sor-Bar + Sorceress
Barbarian // Sor-Bar + Barbarian
Assassin // Pal-Asn + Assassin

Thunder Warden // Amazon + Pal-Asn
Fallen Paladin // Necromancer + Pal-Asn
Shadow Warrior // Nec-Ama + Pal-Asn
Arcane Warrior // Sorceress + Pal-Asn
Battlemaster// Barbarian + Pal-Asn
Frost Warrior // Sor-Bar + Pal-Asn
Demon Hunter // Assassin + Amazon
Tactician // Assassin + Necromancer
Shadow Mage // Assassin + Nec-Ama
Arcane Trapper // Assassin + Sorceress
Trickster // Assassin + Barbarian
Blademancer // Assassin + Sor-Bar
Spear Master // Amazon + Sor-Bar
Fire Thrower // Amazon + Sorceress
Wood Witch // Amazon + Necromancer
Voice Of Doom // Barbarian + Necromancer
Chieftain // Barbarian + Amazon
Shaman // Barbarian + Sorceress
Skull Hunter // Nec-Ama + Barbarian
Force Of Nature // Nec-Ama + Sor-Bar
Warlock // Nec-Ama + Sorceress
Cursed One // Sor-Bar + Necromancer
Black Mage // Sorceress + Necromancer

Scout // Amazon
Goth // Necromancer
Delinquent // Nec-Ama
Apprentice // Sorceress
Hunk // Barbarian
Hellion // Sor-Bar
Grasshopper // Assassin
Vigilante // Pal-Asn

As the name suggests, this mod is built upon the Immortal Throne expansion. Though D2I does fix many issues of the original game by itself, and now also includes some player skins, it is still recommended that you also get the Bugfix Fanpatch.


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