Deus lo Vult (DLV) is intended to provide a Civilization™-like enhancement for Medieval II:Total War Kingdoms, providing greater potential for the player to immerse in roleplay, and adding more detail to M2TW's strategy in a historically authentic way.

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lots of people were complaining that this doesn't work. But no update ,patch or even a statement was posted here on ModDB.

Deus lo Vult is another good mod for Medieval 2 Total War in which players can recreate medieval atmosphere


Terrible mod, Game won't even let me quit, names are horrible, BUGS ARE WORSE THEN ASSASSINS CREED UNITY!


Fenghuan says

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unfortunatly great ideas that are spoiled by ctd's

So much depth and it gets fun when you really get into the game and utilize all the mechanics


cool12 says

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Adds alot of immersion and makes you plan out your army and settlements a really fun mod


mick3 says

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I like this roleplaying mod but will it be updated soon because that would be awesome !!! :)))))))))

This mod is fairly easy to install if you follow the directions. It does wonders for rpg elements that the vanilla sorely lacked. Many custom scripts make for a far more interesting and challenging campaign, or at the very least a nice change of pace from vanilla. One of my favorite M2TW mods.

Also, the mod does not crash except when trying to select more than one faction in selection pre-campagn. This is because the mod features more factions than Medieval 2 allows, for, and cannot be helped.

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