Deus lo Vult: Battlefield Balanced is, in gameplay terms, a stand-alone overhaul of DLV campaign gameplay designed by the guy who designed and implemented the battle system for DLV6.2.

It also features some new 2D and 3D visual content from some of the modding community's best.

For those who know DLV it's worth noting civil wars have all ended along with the war draft, dark ages simply aren't a thing, there's no more selecting of governor or general, or generals required for recruitment of cavalry, or general ranks, plus no more education, and no more choosing of scripts or optional history campaign, and america's gone, aztecs wiped out,... and probably quite a few things I've forgotten about.

Some of the new features:

Ruler+Governor+General+Rogue Aspects - RPG-style character development system
-- 18 levels per Aspect
-- 4 level specialisations in many areas, unlocked by progress in the Aspects
-- Situational bonuses granted by specialisations (or combinations thereof)

Defense Spending - Variable recruitment
-- Access the menu from the button that used to give advice on the construction tab
-- Decide if you can afford to maximise recruitment rates for your faction

Trusted Allies - New campaign AI places a heavy emphasis on alliances
-- Revealing their settlements on the campaign map to allow you to help in their defense
-- Providing supplies to your armies in their lands


Installation instructions

Requires Kingdoms 1.5 so patch up your game.

If you already have DLV installed then delete/rename the 'DLV_ext' folder in the game-folder's 'mod' folder first.

Extract the contents to the game folder (e.g. c:\M2)

DLVBB4.xx Update.exe
Extract the contents to the mod folder (e.g. c:\M2\mods\DLV_ext)

Myself (Taiji) for designing, developing, and directing some heroes in the development of DLV:BB. Everything in the changelog is mine, unless otherwise specified, and all unspecified changes are also probably mine....
Tokus*Maximus, a good friend providing support and encouragement, and high quality professional 2D artwork for free.
Creative Assembly - For letting us all mod M2TW.
All the original DLV contributors, and especially Repman and Derdrakken for making the best M2TW based experience available for me to cannibalise and overhaul.
Tokus*Maximus and his coding assistant Shadrach for the Complete symbol set
Agis Tournas, for his unit cards project and Byzantium text revision.
Raaka for professional quality new Norwegian models and textures based on the Arn movies and made specifically for DLV+BB.
Gemini][Sandy for his huge overhaul of Western models and textures.
kaiser1993, helping to import MADTAO's Polish and Lithuanian units, also for Militia Sergeants and numerous other helpful acts.
Shaxx for his Text Overhaul Mod work on DLV+BB's ingame text.
Hbhadast, the Real Moors Project - Reskinned the Moors
TaronQuinn, New PSF models, also for importing many new units from Broken Crescent, and making all units able to go rebel - A lot of coding!
Pnutmaster, who made the scribe ancillary which tracks princess availability.
One Day and Drinka of Rum, providing miscellaneous bug fixes and coding cleverness while I was away for an extended period.
Renesans, translation of DLV:BB into Russian.
Wilking, providing publicity and help for DLV:BB's growing Chinese audience.
Niko, Point Blank and Banzai! for some nice new animations and tweaks to existing animations.
MADTAO, creating the excellent new Polish and Lithuanian units.
Grandviz for allowing me to use his campaign AI as a rough base.
Charge for allowing me to use his Mapmod 1.7
Magus for allowing me to use his Crimson Tide 4.2
Ziher, performance improving city textures.
And everyone who playtests the game and gives me feedback!!

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Deus lo Vult: Battlefield Ballanced v4.36 Update

Deus lo Vult: Battlefield Ballanced v4.36 Update


Fixes some CTD issues that may have occurred during battle loading. Bit more work adjusting the UI. Moved some rebels I accidentally stuck in a river...

Deus lo Vult: Battlefield Balanced v4.35 Full

Deus lo Vult: Battlefield Balanced v4.35 Full

Full Version 9 comments

Deus lo Vult: Battlefield Balanced v4.35 Full - Installs to gamefolder.

Comments  (0 - 10 of 37)

Also the mod just stopped working, I use the bat to launch the game and it goes straight to vanilla, no idea what I did, since I just woke up and I last touched this mod yesterday, and it was working fine.

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Only problem I have is the constant crashing, got my first at like turn 20 which is a bit more than a bit worrying, also combining units causes crashes, I feel like there's so many ways you can crash that this is getting pretty damn close to unplayable.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Is there a way to enable the Battle Editor? I've tried the usual 'adding the line [features] editor = true' to the preferences file but to no avail. Does the battle editor not work with this mod? It does with the original DLV but with this it doesn't appear in the options menu as it should.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

can i downgrade difficulty somehow ? :)

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This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.


The **** am I supposed to do with these files? 7zip opens them, it extracts three files:
- data
- DLV_ext
- mods

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes

Experiencing some problems with installation (game crashes when I try to start it). I followed the steps (or at least I think so hah) and spend over 2 hours trying to figure out what I am doing wrong. I would appreciate whatever help you can provide

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

I successfully installed this and the patches into my mods folder. The game launches, but when I attempt to start a campaign or a battle, the game crashes. Any help?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

Did somebody have a file that makes all factions available in the custom battle. I had one in the past, but I lost it and the Link on TWcenter is gone :(

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

How do I install this on Steam? I already have 6.0 and 6.2 patch installed.

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