Evolved from the Code Zero maps, DX WW2 War mod introduces drivable vehicles, regenerating health and high-quality AI bots. The mod offers "constant battle" regardless of how many players are online, the server hosts a constant battle between Axis and Allied forces. Our coder Poor has updated the Clyzm weapons, DXRV vehicles, smoke grenades and parachutes for multiplayer use, while introducing new vehicles and troops. New infolink messages occur now to include armoured warfare, falling to your death and being killed by bots. The mod features the work of six mappers, with seven maps so far being converted for driveable vehicles and bot battles. Currently locations include cities, towns, deserts, bunkers and in future the mod will include beaches, snow, jungles and "ostfront" maps with factories. The mod is very much in development but has been released to the WW2 Multiplayer Server in Deus Ex Multiplayer and is free for all to join.

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such a great gameplay vid poor. nicely done

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Originally conceived as a single player mod, WW2 "Code Zero" Mod has been evolved by PoorKingz as a multiplayer project featuring parachutes and drivable vehicles, full combat AI for bots and also hosting Russian, German, Japanese and American weapons by Clyzm and DXRV, including smoke grenades and an American grenade with a "fire in the hole" bark.

Currently under development are Zeppelins, WW1 maps and landmines. The current maps are beta form and unreleased edits are in the final stages of development.

Mappers include Shadowrunner, Mainman, ChinDemoc, Jima B, Chees, Sheek Louch and also features edits of the original maps.

There is a special brush used in the desert map which is the Area 51 beta terrain brush, which was only obtained when the software development kit crashed during an edit of the single player Area 51 map for the mod. The original brush is also featured in the original Deus Ex 1 single player game in a satellite image of Area 51 that JCDenton receives.

For further information on Deus Ex Multiplayer try Gravity-world.com or Deusexnetwork.com

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