For centuries the enormous city of Omicron has lived in technological peace, bumbling through their problems and generally living happily. That is of course, until a plague hits the city and an enormous trans-dimensional gate opens up in the center, unleashing an army of malevolent bureaucratic robot demons on the world. Luckily, the Nerevarine is present for the destruction, and with a magical spear, a determined expression, and an empty head, undertakes a journey to send the daedra back to hell and such. Featuring a steampunk overtone, Deus Ex Machina includes over 50 technological themed quests, vast levels and complexes to explore, and strange and wondeful machinery to interact with.

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beast mod


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This has satisfies my need for any great Morrowind mod

1. It works

2. it has quests that actually work

3. it is very unique


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