This mod was developed to increase the quality and the quantity of the gore in Deus Ex, which will also enhance your gameplay experience, making it even more realistic. To have an even better gore quality, make sure you have installed the New Vision mod. GORE MOD 2.0 RELEASED! (October 26, 2012)

NanoTheBandit says

9/10 - Agree Disagree

This mod is just awesome and makes Ion Storm lazy for putting in crappy blood. Plus high-powered weapons + this mod = Awesome.
I will tell you guys the Pros and Cons.

Pros : Twice better Blood and gore than Vanilla
2 versions for low and high end PCs
More Blood value for each shot
Shotguns and this mod is epic.

Cons : The Blood can make some lag at some points
Blowing people up causes Lag
The blood spurt looks cartoon-ish
Could be make a bit better
Would've been Better with the Modern-ish Combat.

But Overall I give this mod a 8 because of some of the Cons.
The only thing though is that I haven't tested this mod.

Now that I have played the mod and Beta V2 I say, I am happy what I downloaded and applied beta to. Blood looks so much better in V2 than v1.
New rating is a 9.

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