A Dawn of War 2 Mod that brings back the epic style battles of DoW1. Tons of new units and wargear options for Space Marines and Chaos Marines, as well as the Tau as a playable race(Models by NastyNoodle), and the Grey Knights of the Inquisition as a playable race via upgrade at marine HQ.

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Nice game, nice models, nice mod... Making it perfect :)

given me a new found love for DOW2


nice mod the grey knight look cool

So much work and love put into this mod. It's formidable.

As personally for me, the squad sizes (although they are probably closer to codex) are toooo big. I prefer vanilla (or elite mod) squad sizes. But it's matter of taste.

And I really ask Bloodravage to make an option (or some patch) to make the squad sizes smaller (if it's possible.))

Nevertheless this mod is definitely 10/10.

Nice that there is someone who is so engaged and talented. I wouldn't even buy the vanilla game, if not Destroyer 40k (or elite.)

Thanks to Bloodravage.


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Obviously this turns DoW2 into a proper Warhammer! It's still incomplete but already feels just epic


DOW 2 have disappoint me,had a realy good graphics nice gameplay,but there was something missing,something that first DOW had,i am still not sure what is it ,but this mod have a big chances to raise up this spirit once again.


Gotta love the Tau

Awesome mod ever!! XD =P

Great mod!


Simply fantastic. It's like Soulstorm with DoW2 graphics.

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Nice game, nice models, nice mod... Making it perfect :)

Oct 5 2012 by Stannis_Baratheon_I

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