This mod is a storyline sequel to the game Half-Life: Alyx. In it you have to destroy Borealis together with Eli Vance and find the missing Alyx Vance.

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doitall says

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Best ending


snoopy-seven says

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Nice 1000 Hours of gameplay and an epic ending


Neddya says

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very cool


kainaris says

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I was the guest that commented a few minutes ago, the first to try this amazing mod. Will recommend to everyone I know.


BionicCoyote says

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Half Life 3 is finally here after so many years of waiting and it is called DESTROY THE BOREALIS!

YES, this is the EPIC and THRILLING conclusion that we HL fans have all been waiting for!

Thank you, Ruslan Goffman, for blessing us, the HL community, with this mod. This is perhaps the closest any one will ever get to capturing HL3 as Marc Laidlaw envisioned it!

Truly a masterpiece of modern Source engine modding. Bravo!

Highly recommended for anyone seeking a satisfying conclusion to the Half Life Saga.



LightningMcYing says

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