Deliverance is a free single-player expansion pack for Sierra's Half-Life. In Deliverance you reprise your role as Gordon Freeman in a story set after the end of Half-Life. Voted #8 in the Top Ten Half-Life Add-ons by PC Gamer magazine in May 2000.


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A very good mod indeed, one of the best I have played. It is incredibly well-designed, and the idea for two separate endings is something great which I have not seen in a mod before.

A couple of minor annoyances throughout was that the constant reliance on keeping two scientists alive became frustrating after a while, and I also found the AI's path-finding untrustworthy at times.

But on the whole, a very excellent mod. Definitely sets the standard for mods made everywhere.

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The mod just starts being badass with that huge car explosion... A nice,fun and challenging addition. I mean seriously, this guy made escorting/protecting scientists actually FUN!, the last bit at the portal was the best part, it was hard at parts but not to the point of being frustating and that´s a good thing, however, there were some scientist freezes here and there but nothing to be worried about. It´s gotta be one of the best mods i played and i´m really looking forward to a sequel (if there…

Oct 2 2011 by supercapo999