Deliverance 2600 is a Metroidvania-inspired, exploration-focused total conversion for Doom and Doom 2, powered by the GZDoom engine. The player assumes the role of Stanford T. Pace, a former prison inmate who volunteers for Project Deliverance, which is intended to rehabilitate criminals by means of extreme discipline. He is then sent out on a mission to investigate a mysterious communications breakdown with a research facility on the planet Ferrus XII. But what he seeks is something else than redemption...

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QuakedoomNukem says

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Just finished it today, and it was really fun. Simple plot and the Metroid/MegaMan-like gameplay is very well done and those graphics! Just amazing! The atmosphere is also very well executed and the music is very catchy too. The things I would point out, bosses are quite easy, just circle-strafing them isn't but, but they are still quite neat and it takes around 1 hour to beat this (If you're not going for secrets, to which i found only one, as it's quite hard to find them.. The difficulty is well balanced and enemies don't feel like ****. From me, a solid 10/10. If you like Metroid Prime with a bit darker atmosphere, play this masterpiece. -Ondra Kruck√Ĺ (QuakedoomNukem on ZDoom Forums)


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