Deep Resonance is a mod for Half Life 2 that bring you to the cold russian territory. In 2018, a nuclear experiment gone wrong caused a new, violent war, between US and Russia The world as we know it has been swept out, and people took refuge in giant high-tech fortress to survive the nuclear warfare. In 2039 General Dorin Kasperiov, the only one who refused to continue this senseless fighting, suddenly disappeared with his powerful Unit during operation Liberty, that could have been the last strike to the corrupted power of the US and Russian governments. The player is called into the shoes of Anya Kovalenko, a young mercenary grown up in the post-nuclear Moscow. She must rescue Dorin Kasperiov and prevent the ascent of his ruthless rival, Alexeil Groznaji. The mod features: New textures New sounds New skins New models

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A mod with plenty of potential that was another casualty of the infamous May 2010 Update.

For what is left (As I still have a file of the mod) it's still very much playable, although a far cry from a completed product.

The level design that was available was good and the pacing was well done, with kudo's to the voice-actors and the author himself for having the protagonist a strong woman without a hint of sexual themes.

The bugs however, get worse as the game progresses until it becomes an almost unplayable, Fulbright mess in the mods conclusion.

However, those who do find the mod elsewhere should give it a chance. While it isn't the best mod you'll play, or the most stable, I think it would be a waste on the authors behalf that we forget this mod existed, and commend him for trying his best.

Excellent mapping, respective storyline, and good work overall. If the bugs were all cleared out -- literally, just gone -- then this mod would've gotten an eight for me.


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