This mod is currently in Beta stage, like, SUPER BETA!!! So yeah This mod has a loose story so far, but the general idea is that you awaken in a zombie infested prison, unable to remember how this happened, you fight your way out to find that your own friend in which you worked in escaping with was the soul reason you were inside, he framed you, and then used you as a tool to get out, at the end, you kill him! YAYY!

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extremely poorly designed and invisaged, not sure how they cold have released this in this state. From lighting to architecture to gameplay. Very Poor

That much early in development you shouldn't release. Rooms and corridors that anyone who can compile a map can make in an hour or so plus some "custom" weapons don't measure up to a mod, as it stands even as a map pack it's bad. Bland design and empty boxes pretty much.

SUPER BETA FTW W000000000000000000000000000000T!!!


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