It's been ten years. I've missed so much.. is there even still an audience?
Who cares, the Deathtrap is back, big as live and twice as ugly!

Under the guise of "Spoiled for Choice", this mod aims to add a bit of new content, replacing a lot of the old muck in favor of some more modern-day and cross referenced material.

Much of the early Command & Conquer content is just meatgrinder tactics, infantry is still able to defeat tanks, machineguns can be used to completely ruin buildings, while missiles and high explosive weaponry is mutually effective against nigh on everything.

THis is changing. If you're on foot, you're only dealing with others that are likewise on foot.
Don't bother attacking tanks unless you're carrying an Anti-Tank weapon.

Vehicles have a nice and complex Rock-Paper-Scissors-Shotgun-Spock-HotLava system, and there are many, MANY different options to choose from.

The story? I'll defer to your imagination, either alternative timeline or followup timeline or something along those lines.

Not having stayed in touch with the Ren modding community, a lot of materials have been lost, I'm slowly but surely gathering my resources and knowledge, so stay tuned and feel free to point me in the right direction.

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Infantry Weaponry


The Semi-automatic pistol with weighted frame and 18 round magazine is the standard issue sidearm for all operators around the globe. Offers plenty of stopping power in a reliable and lightweight package.

The RAPTOR assault rifle, upon its introduction, quickly became the mainstay for most armies in the world. As adaptable as an AR-15 and as reliable as the Kalashnikov patterns, it carries a powerful cartridge, good and controllable rate of fire with decent accuracy.

The VULTURE combat shotgun fills a niche role in that it is deadly up close and doesn't need a steady hand or good aim to injure.

Multiple barrels offer a significantly higher rate of fire for the same cartridge loading in the Assault Rifle. Due to its weight it's less wieldy than same, resulting in a slight drop in accuracy, however the layers upon layers of steel-cored lead and brass are not to be trifled with.

Rocket Launcher
Shaped-charge tipped self-propelled warhead can quickly make short work of armored targets while keeping the shooter safe from harm.... assuming you don't aim at the ground while you're at it... rocket jumping is NOT a thing.

Sniper Rifle
Key tool for those sneaky breeky bastards that like to get the point across from afar. Comes with an intigrated scope that should make it easier to spot the white in their eyes.

Ramjet Rifle.
OKay, one more pun, and this one is very sharp. Excellent tool for when you really need to reach out and touch someone.

Volt Auto Rifle
The Tesla Rifle was still in prototype stages when NOD made off with the research documents. Not wanting to be outdone, GDI rushed the prototype into serial production and now both sides wield the power of lightning.

Grenade Launcher
Nade dispensor! Lob one around a corner or over a wall to send a loving carepackage to the discerning unconcerned.

Advanced Rockets
Rocket launcher loaded with guided missiles and tandem warheads. Nuv said.

Tiberium SMG
Short Range, horribly inaccurate, uses gas instead of finesse, but man do they sting... so these soldiers are kinda like their weapons.

Tiberium Carbine
A powerful full-lengh bullpup pattern rifle that shoots Tiberium based shells with deadly accuracy and deadlier results. Not sure about pressing your cheek against a thin pressed-steel wall that's all that seperates you from a horrible irradiated death, but meh, I ain't paid enough to complain.

Personal ION cannon
The Big F*ck*ng gun, takes a second to charge up and takes a few minutes to get anywhere, but definitely the -ABSOLUTE- end-all answer to anything in your way. Caution; stray ions may leed to sterility.

A classic but a good one, fuel is modified for greater viscocity, a lower burnrate but higher attainable temperatures. Good for dealing with nasty infantry and light vehicles.

Tiberium Sprayer
Suitable for when you can't get that burrito just the way you want it. Also works against infantry and tanks but you may want to watch the pressure gauge.

Laser Carbine
With a small change to the focusing crystals, charge capacitors and trigger assembly, the Laser Carbine makes for deadly disco on a slow beat.

Laser Chaingun
Well.... technically any weapon that relies on an external powersource could be considered a chaingun, as long as that chain is what drives the bolt assembly reponsible for feeding the ammunition. Technically still accurate, but the low accuracy and mediocre per-shot damage makes this a blunt hammer, not a fine scalpel.

Your one -ONLY- friend.


2021 update?

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Will you release a file download

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Deetex Creator

SLight hiatus guys, expecting some parts and pieces for a serious hardware upgrade. Following that a complete rebuild from scratch for the mod.

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