Death is Alive is a zombie featured modification for Battlefield 2

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*Pro*Player008 says

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A well worked over modification with friendly controls.
Maps that before were buggy and laggy got fixed in 0.2 or 0.3 version.
Most interesting bug ive found in 0.2 version were you dont have any bots,which broke the game
Anyways,a modification that was worked over 3 years must have this high rating

10/10 - Waiting for 0.4 :)


ChrisT|GamingZone says

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Update as of August 2018

Good Parts:

Maps - The most powerful point of this mod are locations. A lot of time has passed since the first version released, and these have truly changed to better. Some maps don't lag anymore in gameplay, others have lighting fixes and less crashes than before. Although some are still unplayable in COOP mode, it's great to see the developers caring about those limited maps available.

Weapons - These things feel completely different from before. Since 2015, many weapons were replaced, or had a lot of fixes and changes. 92FS has changed it's animations, M27 sounds have been fixed, and also new camo's have been introduced for snow maps.

Bots - Among the new updated stuff is the bot behavior. Now they act normal, and won't look at you like degenerate apes. Well, at least on some maps. They follow you through the journey, and try to ambush and kill you. V0.3 did a great job improving this section. But the final release changes up the story.

Bad Parts

CQ Maps - I'm really disappointed to see those conquest maps not receiving bot support with the final version. That Death Valley map a lot of potential, and Mojave Desert was a great TDM/Close Quarters survival map. Yet, these are out of reach, which is sad.

Crashes - How much the developers placed their forces on the last version of the mod, it still has crash issues which are quite annoying. Especially when you are recording, when it gives you a big middle finger, and crashes you to the desktop. Not that serious problem compared to previous releases I played. But that is still a problem

Zombies - The interesting noises produced by Zombies is gone. But you can't take them seriously with those ridiculous skins. Even the Teletubbies from Anime Mod parody look far more scarier than these things in blue jackets and pants. Sounds really give you fun time murdering them. But the way the look is just ruining the feel of this mod.

Final Mark: 7/10


*Pro*Player007 says

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3 years later released with new content and better gameplay than before.
Fixed weather + revived community inspired map in Cooperative is great and neat.
Although it lacks in potential,as some promised features are missing like Remove UAV and Anti-Zombie Cure.
Anyways,you did a great job and this modification deserves it



Ismoleboss says

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good zombie mod, but a lot of crash issues that must be fixed


*Pro*Vladkill1 says

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Finally it got released!
I remember when teams were changing in each version of the modification.
0.1 was Ancient Spark (were everything started)
0.2 was only Noobkiller2 (which made a great job fixing the game,but removing bots)
0.3 with collaboration of Half-Way Studios (which added even more fixes and content)
Now i must wait 0.4 version to see it rising even better.

10/10 - Lets be honest.3 years passed.At least good karma for making a good mod :)


Fap-Master says

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the game crashes whenever you click on anything. both the 2.0 and the 3.0 version would love to play it and give better rating but cant get it to work. any help would go a long way thx

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