Dead Spirits tells the story of a man seeking answers, or he may possibly be insane as the Cornell Resident is filled with instant silence and whispers from the dead.

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This is very well made, GOOD JOB! but the blue girl glitched and got stuck in the door way of the room I got the last key from, but I was able to move her hehe

It was a good story, but it have so many bad points...
The mapping wasn't very good - it has a lot of glitches; the storyline was repetitive and the scares were terrible and non-sense. This story was really rushed dude. I won't complain about the english mistakes because i'm not a native speaker, so i make a lot of mistakes too. But anyway, you should check the original Amnesia and see how to create a good and scary atmosphere (AVOID THE NON-SENSE JUMPSCARES, IT BREAKS THE ATMOSPHERE). If this was your first custom story, it was pretty good, but if it wasn't... you should practice a little more.




Jormos says

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Overall a good/enjoyable custom story, but lacked a lot of polish. Overlapping structure models, custom enemy that doesn't attack, gaps between textures (and flickering), rooms that serve no purpose, no music at certain points and missing audio cues.

Story was interesting, was of appropriate length and advanced at a good pace. Map architecture, while with its flaws was usually competent at worst, and creative at best.

You can come up with something truly great if you would just take your time with finishing touches.


It had a lot of great parts, creativity and scares but it didn't really do it for me... And I didn't really like the ending. I thought I remembered that map from another story. Is that what the player meant when he said, "This looks so fimiliar?" -_-

6/10 Okay


andrecampana_ says

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This cs is awful! i got stuck by a glitched door and the map crafting was really poor, ******* piece of crap!


Beautiful storyline, everything keeps you in a mood in which you want to keep playing, but at the same time not wanting to. Many good scares. Puzzles are not that hard but not that easy so everything IS possible to do. Overall a very nice atmosphere and mapping


damn good custom story. Jump scares in all the right place and really effective. some interesting interactions and puzzles. The lantern always seems to run out in all the right places making dark corridors and caves especially creepy. all in all a lot of fun to play

really detailed map which was nice, but not a fan of the unnessisary box-stacking and no heart-racing monster scares. For fun I loved it but for a terrifying horror it was so-so

The levels were designed pretty well, the puzzles however were not. You seem to have a huge loving for stupid stacking puzzles that waste time and make the mod seem "longer".

What really annoyed me were the jump scares... They're literally the cheapest and most overused (even the movie industry has a huge raging boner over them) and pathetic way to try and instill fear, and frankly at best all they do is startle the player. Do you have any idea what made Amnesia such a great game? It built an amazingly creepy atmosphere without making the player jump. On top of that there's a stupid amount of tinder boxes and hardly any oil containers.

My opinion would be too skip this mod and try one of the following better mods:

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