DayHard is a single player modification for Half-Life 2 which places you in the shoes of Gordon Freeman's not-so-famous brother, Morgan. It's a comedy/action adventure.

Nitro_Hedgehog says

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long overdue trashing. this mod is barely functional. on several occasions i had to use noclip to get past areas that didn't trigger the unlocking of a door or the death of a boss, certain voice triggers looped endlessly until i escorted my annoying friend to a new area, etc.

no game should ever be this frustrating to play, nor should it require the use of cheats to progress. those bugs aside, not even a functional version would save it. certain battle sequences are not explained properly, the racing segment was rigged to be very frustrating, and above all, the game makes no goddamn sense. i've gotten lost more times than i can count.

how this mod got a rating above 8 is beyond me...

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Great mod with great humor

Jun 24 2012 by ildarion