Since there are so many resources from day of defeat, I would utilize them to feature a dod singleplayer mode featuring a war story in ww2 by modding condition zero:deleted scenes, however,making a mod on my own is very tiring, and I just know how to do modeling and mapping, therefore if there is no help, I could just simply make a mod with overwritten weapons models, not even changing the hud nor the weapons data

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Check out and meet the new friendlies and enemies!

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doz anzio0002

Sniper ahead, hold your position squad!

After doing some research on tricky things about modeling, I have finally made this out--A sniper with his scope reflecting lights in the darkness, aiming at you, watch out! You can see the comparison in this images.


I know it is better to attach some glowing sprites, but it is very difficult to realize in Goldsrc engine (available in Svencoop however).

Meet your new friendlies

All right lads, we got some friends here in our squad


We got some auto-riflemen here, equipped with iconic M1918


AH, finally we got some riflemen and their famous M1 Grand here! The gun's clip out sound is such a euphony!

Leave me a comment to let me know your opinion!

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