History has changed! In this Single Player Mission, you play as a German soldier during the Invasion of England in early 1944!

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Day of Infamy is the second map in the serious of “what-if” Axis-based custom missions for Call of Duty 2. This time it takes you from the colds of the Soviet Union and into the beaches and houses of England during early June, 1944. The mod puts you in the boots of a yet another German soldier. This time he had barely escaped death when his landing vessel crashed in the beaches near a small town England called Angerville, an aptly named town IMHO.

The gameplay is similar to Red Square Massacre except there is more urban and house-to-house fighting in it. There are newer weapons present such as the MP-44 AKA StG-44 of which you receive nearly at the start. There are more kill zones, you will have to keep the helmet down and find out alternative routes more than in Stalingrad. Once again bosses appear and there are more combat vehicles than before. You still feel somewhat underpowered and abandoned by the rest of the Operation: Sealion forces. The SAS officers a la Captain Price do interestingly appear in a form of better armoured troopers which is kind of cool only if they weren't so straightforward. The biggest new addition to the mod is probably the custom music, too bad the concept of “memories” written in certain items of the surroundings was dropped.

It is a good custom mission mod overall, a little worst than Red Square Massacre in my humble opinion but still good. It's one of the very few SP missions made for Call of Duty 2 and a part of a pair in which you can play on the Axis side of war. I recommend it.

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